“WILD HEARTS” gameplay video was released.

Electronic Arts on Wednesday, October 5th,‘Wild hearts’gameplay video release. This work is with Electronic Arts,“Musou”Koei Tecmo Games’ in-house studio, known for the series‘Oh-Lots’(Omega Force) is a joint hunting action. Set in “Azuma no Kuni”, where human lives are taken away by beasts that have evolved in their own way, ancient technology“Karakuri”Picture the struggle of the […]

A North Korean military plane flew over protests, another ballistic missile provocation

◀ anchor ▶ Yesterday afternoon, North Korean bombers and fighter jets approached the armistice line and made a demonstration flight, and earlier in the morning they fired short-range ballistic missiles into the East Sea. The US aircraft carrier, which had left after North Korea’s provocation of a medium-range ballistic missile three days ago, returned to […]

Fighter jets over South Korea | World | Deshabhimani

sole 12 North Korean planes are said to have flown near South Korean airspace. The South Korean military said eight fighter jets and four bombers flew in what appeared to be a combat-ready formation. The planes conducted the exercise north of inter-Korean airspace. In response, South Korea reportedly deployed 30 fighter jets. The tension between […]