Thailand’s Mi Chai wins KLPGA International Qualifying Tournament

Kusuma Michai with the championship trophy [KLPGA 제공. 재판매 및 DB 금지] (Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Choi Song-ah = Thailand’s Kusuma Michai won the KLPGA Tour International Qualifying Tournament (IQT). Michai won the championship with a total of 21 under par 267 until the 4th round of the tournament held at the Phoenix Gold […]

A highly cost-effective mouse that provides a charging dock won for 59,900 [DAREU A950 게이밍 마우스] : Dana and DPG DPG my heart

#DAREU, #A950, #gaming mouse, #gaming mouse recommendation, #mouse recommendation, #darU, #charging dock darling oil. A brand specializing in mice, keyboards, and PC peripherals. When I first came across domestic delivery products, it was hard to find any differences from other products. However, if you look at the recently released products, there are many products that […]

Korea-Japan ‘Ki-Seung-Pre-History’ ties… North Korea is the ‘key’?

South Korea-US-Japan joint anti-submarine training (30th of last month) ━ Korea-US-Japan joint naval exercise for the first time in five years… The start of security cooperation between Korea, the US and Japan? South Korea, the United States, and Japan held a joint anti-submarine exercise on the 30th of last month to counter North Korea’s submarine […]

North Korea fires another missile After South Korea-Japan military exercises led by the United States held | around the world EXPRESS | 6 October 65 : PPTVHD36

The current situation on the Korean Peninsula There seemed to be increasing tension. By this morning North Korea fired two more missiles after two neighbors, South Korea and Japan, held exercises led by the United States. in retaliation for North Korea’s missile launch More times in less than two weeks #NorthKorea #Japan #NorthKorea fired missiles […]