[정치]North Korea “launched missiles that are to blame for South Korea and the United States”… Is it building a justification for further provocations?

[앵커] Today (8th), North Korea released a series of talks about shifting responsibility for its recent military provocation to South Korea and the United States. Amid the analysis that the purpose is to build justification for further provocations, Chairman Kim Jong-un has not appeared in public for almost a month. Reporter Hong Joo-ye. [기자] The […]

The collapse of the Crimean Bridge is a real and symbolic blow to Putin.

Personal insult at seventy… Logistics support is expected to be disrupted Possibility of revenge… “Putin could be hit by ‘government collapse’ The partial destruction of the Crimean Bridge (Kerch Strait Bridge) connecting Crimea and the Russian mainland, which Russia has occupied since 2014, in an explosion on the 8th (local time) caused significant material and […]

What happens to your body when you stop eating wheat flour?

input 2022.10.09 08:00 correction 2022.10.07 10:20 Hits 3 input 2022.10.09 08:00correction 2022.10.07 10:20 Hits 3 [사진= 게티이미지뱅크] I want to give up wheat flour even for a day, but it is not easy. Bread, sweets, noodles, ramen Flour foods, which are familiar to us, now occupy our table as a staple food. What will happen […]

How are Rameshan Nair, Hari and Jude different in Malayalam cinema?

Malayalam movies are nationally famous for their different themes. Malayalam cinema has tried to present mental health issues with all its complexities. Although there are a number of films that have done justice to the portrayal of mental health issues, one can find many films that have not. Also Read: Central Meteorological Department says isolated […]

HP °ø½Ä À¯Åë»ç (AÖ)¿¡½¶àìàî, íÆÎ 10¿ù àÎÄíÆù Á·Î¸ð¼Ç ÁøÇà

HP °ø½Ä À¯Åë»çÀÎ (ÁÖ)¿¡½º¶óÀÌÁî(´ëÇ¥ÀÌ»ç:»ç½Â¸ñ)´Â 10¿ù 1ÀϺÎÅÍ ÄíÆÎο¡¼ ·ÎÍ¿¿ À§ÇÑ Áߺ¹ÄíÆù ÇÒÀÎ ÇÁ· θð¼Ç ¼Ò½ÄÀ» ÀüÇß´Ù. Áï½Ãçòàî 12¸¸¿ø, Áߺ¹äíæù 30¸¿ Ø àû¿ëµç¾î ãö’ëçòàî 42¸¿Øàç Çåภ· · î ‘hp Victus 16-d1141txu ± µ ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ç ° ç ° ç ° ç ° ç ° ç ° ç ÂH ÇÁ¸®¹Ì¾ö °ÔÀÌ¹Ö […]

Yonhap News TV

Your browser does not support the video tag.Sorry, but please use a different browser. close Smuggling even airplane parts… Prosecutor’s office, drug investigation [뉴스리뷰] [앵커] The saying that Korea is a drug-free country seems to be a thing of the past. The scale of drug smuggling is growing and the methods are becoming more sophisticated. […]

7 great moments from Jürgen Klopp in seven years at Liverpool

Today marks Jurgen Klopp’s seventh anniversary as Liverpool manager. It was on this day in 2015 that the German manager became Liverpool’s head coach as the starting point of memories, the trip to lift trophies on Merseyside. We look back at the seven great moments during his lifetime that showed Klopp to be a world-class […]