“Shunze Palace God’s Hat” once again announced the Norwegian Iron Man to win 9 crowns in a row and praise: the hat is stronger than the curse of the island | Sports | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Sports Center / Reported by You Shuting ▲ Eden won the championship once again wearing a Shunze Palace hat. (Photo / Flip from IRONMAN World Championship Facebook) A mysterious power from Taiwan? Norwegian triathlete Gustav Iden took a group photo with the hat of “Puyan Shunze Palace” after winning several championships in the event, which […]

When an employee of a public company buys a house, a loan of 1 billion has been won at a low interest rate… This is God’s work

27 public companies including KEPCO are running ‘low interest rate concessional loans’ in violation of government guidelinesA loan with an interest rate of around 2%… 9 places that followed the ‘Apply LTV and charge interest rates’ guidelinesAn improvement plan included in the innovation plan It found that 27 public corporations, including Korea Electric Power Corporation […]

[전국]A feast of light in an autumn night…Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival begins | YTN

[앵커] The ‘Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival’, which is recognized as a global festival, opens today. It is said that 70,000 lanterns present a feast of light on an autumn night, creating an epic poem. Reporter Park Jong-hyuk had been there beforehand. [기자] Jinju Namgang, the main stage of the Yudeung Festival. Jinju’s mascot, ‘Hamo’, modeled […]

Tigers and snipers killed 9 Indians in action with 200 people

The claim that “happened as the habitat spread into the tiger’s habitat” royal bengal tiger [EPA 자료사진. 재판매 및 DB 금지] (Jakarta = Yonhap News) Reporter Park Eui-rae = The terrifying ‘man-eating tiger’ that killed 9 people in Bihar state in northeastern India has been shot. According to the Hindustan Times on the 9th, Indian […]

Can’t escape! The roaring lions join the Azzurri group for the Euro 2024 qualifiers.

the results of the European football championships qualifying group lottery “Euro 2024” On Sunday, October 9, the result showed that England’s “Roaring Lions” had to orbit against the old rivals Italy’s “Azzurri” again. After the pair were drawn together in Group C along with Ukraine, North Macedonia and Malta. Earlier, Italy had just hurt the […]

Mohanlal-Vysakh’s ‘Monster’: Trailer Out

Kochi: ‘Monster’ is the much awaited film by the fans. After the blockbuster Pulimurugan, Mohanlal-Vysakh movie trailer is out. The trailer was released through Aashirwad Cinemas YouTube channel. The trailer of the film evokes a lot of mystery. Mohanlal will appear as Lucky Singh. Siddique, Lena, Sadhika Venugopal and Ganesh Kumar are also seen in […]

Putin: Crimean bridge explosion is a terrorist attack in Ukraine 10th security meeting convened

“Terrorism by special agencies”… It remains to be seen whether retaliatory measures will be taken Medvedev, one of Putin’s close confidants, announces a policy of ‘direct retaliation’ President of the Bastrickin Inquiry Reports to Russian President Putin (Seoul = Yonhap News) Correspondent Lim Hwa-seop = The Kremlin released a video briefing to Russian President Vladimir […]

How to relieve rhinitis symptoms that worsen during the changing seasons?

[오늘의 건강] Allergic rhinitis symptoms worsen in autumn with a large daily temperature difference input 2022.10.10 06:00 correction 2022.10.09 12:30 Scenes 11 input 2022.10.10 06:00correction 2022.10.09 12:30 Scenes 11 In autumn, the daily temperature difference is large and dry, which aggravates the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, which requires daily control. [사진=게티이미지뱅크] The rain that started […]