cosmic meditation spiral Heal the world Heal the heart

“Breath goes in… out of the body. fluttering in a breath that was as bright as silk There is a stream of prana energy. Life force flows orbits into our body. Access to happiness, peace, connection to life force. Connect the power of nature. light calm and bright mood” ……. ….. ….. with comfortable breathing […]

Learning how to play games in human brain cells…

A team of researchers at Cortical Labs in Melbourne, Australia, and several universities including the University of Melbourne and University College London conducted an experiment in which brain cells collected from humans and mice were taught how to play the video game Pong. The research team conducted an experiment to play the arcade game Pong, […]

Franchise owners who bow their heads … “I will monitor the interior”

◀ anchor ▶ After the death of a worker, a boycott of SPC products spreads. Although not only directly managed stores but also franchisees suffered damage, the store owners expressed their sympathy for the outrage at the accident. Reporter Lee Duk-young. ◀ Report ▶ At an SPC-affiliated bakery in Seoul, the number of customers has […]

On the edge of the sword with Lee’s eyes, the war of the ‘Daejang-dong’ Special Prosecutor has ended… The fierce conflict

On the 25th, the Democratic Party is paying attention to see if the Democratic Party is ‘boycotting’ the correction speech of the National Assembly. o Promoting the Special Prosecution Bill this week… Difficulty passing the Judiciary Committee, chairman Next year’s budget bill and controversial bills will be processed, will the special prosecutor’s discussion table be […]

Twitter on football Twitter | Qatar World Cup Sidelights

Doha ∙ Twitter is also abuzz with World Cup excitement. Tweets related to the World Cup have been viewed over 22 million times in the last 2 months. A monthly average of 79 percent of football tweets are shared among Twitter users in the Middle East. Globally, 261 million people follow tweets with football content. […]

Black hole birth report[신아형의 코스모스]

expandA picture of a black hole. Wikipedia The birth of all life is a wonder. When humans are born, they cry out loud and face the outside world for the first time. Recently, there was a being that roared louder than anything else and announced its birth. It is an unknown celestial body, a black […]

“On that day, the company banned everyone from going to China on business” a 139-page official document, which wiped out the trillion-dollar market value of TSMC… Full Analysis of the Chip War | Anue Juheng – Magazine

Written by the Today Magazine editorial team Between October 7th and 14th, it can be called the most “tumultuous” week in the history of China’s semiconductor industry. “That day… Our company ordered everyone to go to China for business trips first. Colleagues who are already in China must stay in the hotel and are not […]