‘Secondary Public Service Prosecution No. 1’ Kim Hyung-jun, former chief prosecutor, sentenced to first trial today

Source: Yonhap News The first trial verdict on former chief prosecutor Kim Hyung-jun, who was handed over for trial for the first time since the establishment of the High Commissioner’s Crime Investigation Agency, is being announced today (9th). The Seoul Central District Court’s 1st Criminal Independent Prosecutor’s Office held a sentencing hearing for former Chief […]

BTS Jin, Billboard only… Jungkook x Charlie Puth?

The group BTS continues to be active on the US Billboard charts through group and individual activities. According to the latest Billboard chart (November 12), an American music medium released on the 8th (local time), ‘The Astronaut’ released on the 28th of last month by BTS Jin entered Billboard’s top single chart ‘Hot 100’ at […]

Dow closes 333.83 points, investors hope for US midterm election results : InfoQuest

Editor’s Picks, Stock News6:34 am2022-11-09 The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed higher for a third day on Tuesday (November 8) as investors continued to buy shares. Before knowing the results of the US midterm elections Meanwhile, investors are eyeing the release of the US Consumer Price Index (CPI) on Thursday. Assessing inflation trends and the […]

US midterm election voter exit poll… Inflation and abortion rights are key factors

CNN: “7 out of 10 people are dissatisfied with the Biden administration”… ABC: 70% of voters threaten democracy In the US mid-term elections held on the 8th (local time), it was found that voters identified inflation and the right to abortion as key factors in their choice. Many voters also expressed dissatisfaction with the Bidens […]

Escort for Life – Prescribing the right medication | Escort for life | Daily Headline

Heart failure is usually understood as an impairment of the heart’s pumping function, blockage of blood circulation, and a lack of sufficient oxygen and nutrients for the body’s organs and tissues, causing symptoms such as asthma, swollen feet and palpitations. However, there is a type of heart failure called “diastolic heart failure” where the pumping […]

‘Indirect Toxin Export’ Litigation, Medytox Hands?

[팍스넷뉴스 민승기 기자] While the debate about ‘indirect botulinum toxin export’ is spreading, attention is focused on the legal case against Medytox, which is the first to receive an administrative disposal from the health authorities. This is because the logic of the legal response of companies that have recently been subject to an administrative disposal […]