US: North Korea probe increasingly dangerous China-Russia Security Council Responsibilities

A US State Department spokesman’s briefing was publicly criticized‘Dangerous and irresponsible’ for North Korea’s tactical nuclear simulation exerciseSecurity Council condemnation of North Korea blamed for China-Russia departure Seoul DB Newspaper” style=”padding: 0px; margin: 0px”> ▲ State Department Spokesman Ned PriceSeoul DB Newspaper On the 7th (local time), the US State Department expressed concern about North […]

Puig showed tears and Lee Jung-hoo laughed and read the whole thing.

Kiwoom, who played a famous autumn baseball game, was frustrated on the verge of winning again with 2 wins and 4 losses in KSLee Jung-hoo “It hurts my heart to see Puig’s tears … but I have to show my courage.” The moment young Lee Ji-young’s last hit ball in the 9th was sucked into […]

Ryan Reynolds “Appearing in ‘King of Mask Singer’ was hell”

Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds in MBC’s ‘King of Mask Singer’ “It felt like hell.” Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds expressed his feelings at the time when he appeared on MBC’s ‘King of Mask Singer’. US Weekly reported an interview with Reynolds that appeared on the ‘Today Show’ on the 7th (local time). According to Reynolds, “Why […]

Meet Paeyah BNK48, a very talented little dino | TrueID creator

Paeya, a girl who loves dinosaurs, is a member of the band BNK48 3rd generation, she has a history, data and abilities that are very interesting. Today, we will take everyone to get to know the history and knowledge of “Paella”. Let’s go watch it~ ???? Pa-Eya or Pa-Eya BNK48, her real name in the […]

pramod lekshmi’s daughter, is this Lakshmi’s son? Lakshmi Pramod said many people are asking who is this baby, here is my answer! Viral video – this is the answer lekshmi pramod shared a new post

Lakshmi Pramod is a star who has become a favorite of the television audience. The actor was noticed through the series Vakham. The actor has proven that he can play all kinds of characters including villains. Lakshmi, who is active on social media, shares stories that quickly go viral. The actor said that everyone is […]

“Beer technology”! Teenage Engineering marked beer, motif is Okinawa lager | Gizmodo Japan

What happened suddenly, TE!? Teenage Engineering, a manufacturer of electronic musical instruments from Sweden that has collaborated with various manufacturers. finallybeer and gadgetsDid you recognize that?a can of beerI did Well, the fermentation process is something like a tool. Can design too cute Video: teenage engineering / YouTube The collaboration was with the Swedish brewery […]