Shashank is not sorry for forcing him to reveal everything to the police

Entertainment Shashank is not sorry for forcing him to reveal everything to the police Shashankan in Roshak will never be forgotten by anyone who has seen the film. Kottayam Nazir gave a stunning performance as Shashankan. After the OTT release, Shashankan is also being discussed along with Luke Anthony, Dileep, Seetha and Sujatha. With characters […]

Back in the day: Astronomers discover asteroid Sedna (November 14)

To the past: trueID news It will take you back to the past today. with important events interesting stories both in Thailand and abroad How will it be? Let’s follow. 2003 – The asteroid Sedna was discovered by astronomers. public property Sedna (formerly 2003 VB12) was discovered by Michael E. Brown (California Institute of Technology), […]

Italy Paolo Rossi | 1982 World Cup Lists

Italy won the 1982 World Cup for the third time. Mathrubhumi former CP deputy editor with details of World Cup 1982. Vijayakrishnan, Mathrubhumi Assistant Editor and Playwright K. Vishwanath, Mathrubhumi Sub-Editor Anish P. and Nair. Sound Mixing: Pranav PS

get ready “Tonkhao-James”, the genius couple from the famous series “Fahlan Rak” invites you to enjoy the fan meeting “1st Fanmeeting Fahlanruk The series in Bangkok”

From the tremendous response in Thailand and abroad to the series “Flashing Love” is currently on air on MCOT Channel 9, making 2 young “Ton Khao – Chayut Nichakorn” a “James Thanaboon Witrungroj” Monk from the hot series together with fellow actors such as Kao – Sirawit Suwannarat, Ryu – Danudon Suranapornchai, Win – Kittipon […]

Taxi crashes into apartment complex in Seoul, injuring 2 people

◀ Anchor ▶ Yesterday afternoon, in an apartment complex in Jungrang-gu, Seoul, a taxi driven by a driver in his 70s suddenly accelerated and hit the residents. An 80-year-old man who was hit by a car was taken to hospital but later died. This is reporter Kim Min-hyung. ◀ Report ▶ On a holiday Sunday […]