‘Viral 2020’: Playwright Kochin Antony turns director

Kochi: Theater teacher Kochin Antony, who won audience acclaim as Jesus in PJ Cherian’s Mesiaharitram, is making his debut as a film director. The shooting of the film titled ‘Viral 2020’ has been completed in Thalayolaparam, Nedunkandam and Fortukochi. The studio work is going on and this film will hit the theaters soon. The film […]

[이철환의 우주이야기] a heavenly star and an earthly star

[우리나라의 우주 개발이 속도를 내고 있습니다. 지난해 한국 최초의 우주발사체 ‘누리호’ 발사가 성공했고, 지난 8월 쏘아올린 달 궤도선 ‘다누리호’는 우주에서 영상과 사진, 문자를 보내오고 있습니다. 우주에 관한 높아진 관심과 호기심을 풀어주기 위해 경제관료 출신 이철환씨가 최근 출간한 중 일부를 저자와 협의해 칼럼 형식으로 게재합니다] A star is a celestial body that is fixed to the […]

Yoon Seok-yeol, North Korea’s nuclear issue “Expect China’s role”… Xi Jinping “I hope Korea will actively improve inter-Korean relations”

South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol and Chinese President Xi Jinping had a summit today (15th) and discussed major issues at hand, including the issue of North Korea. In the meeting, which lasted about 25 minutes in Bali, Indonesia, where the G20 summit was held, President Yoon spoke of North Korea’s frequent provocations and recent nuclear […]

The US producer price index (PPI) growth rate in October was lower than expected, reflecting signs of cooling US inflation. The US stock index opened higher on Tuesday (15th), however, news of Russian missiles coming to Poland caused casualties in late trading , US stocks turned black once, and then rebounded slightly. All four major […]

This is Neymar’s touch; The fans took the star’s video

Five-time World Cup winners Brazil are aiming for their sixth World Cup in Qatar There are only a few days left for the start of the Qatar World Cup. Brazil is a strong team among the title favorites in the World Cup. Neymar is the player with the most fan support in the team. In […]

The three main A share indices continue to rise

You can make money when other people break their hands on Double Eleven, Feitian Moutai is waiting for you! There are also limited time low price discounts on seven major investment tools, not to be missed.[点击进入活动页面] For stock trading, you can check Jin Qilin’s analyst research report It is authoritative, professional, timely and comprehensive, helping […]

It is time for the nation to “cooperate” to host “APEC” 2022.

Although the government has decided to suspend special government services for 3 days in 3 provinces: Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan … from today (Nov 16) until this Friday (Nov 18)…But actually, the APEC meeting 2022 begins Monday, November 14th. At first, it was a meeting of senior officials. This was followed by a ministerial […]