I won’t be there, so no Classmates 2 – Naren

Actor Naren, when asked if there will be a part 2 for classmates, said that his opinion is that there is no part 2. ‘Everywhere I go, someone asks if there will be a part 2 of Classes. If part 2 comes, I won’t be in the movie. So my opinion is no.’- Naren was […]

Two wheels, ploughshares, busy atmosphere, parents bringing their children to join the crowd – fresh news

Two wheels, leg plowing, youth bicycle competition, “Noo Plow Thailand Championship”, the atmosphere is lively, many parents flock to bring their children to register. Two-wheel plow, youth bike competition, “Noo Plow Plow Thailand Championship” competition, competition for the royal trophy, lively atmosphere. There are many young cyclists applying. together with FBT Open for applications in […]

US Department of Defense “North Korea’s successive missile launches are leading to instability in the region… Commitment to Korea-Japan alliance ‘strong'”

The Pentagon has indicated that North Korea’s series of missile provocations undermines regional stability. He emphasized that the US commitment to alliances such as South Korea and Japan remains strong. Reporter Park Seung-hyeok reports. US Department of Defense deputy spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said in a regular briefing on the 17th that North Korea’s ballistic missile […]

[5 llyfr y bore yma]Handpicked news you want to read at work – Bloomberg

US House Speaker Pelosi (82) is a House DemocratHe announced that he would retire from the top position. Speaking on the floor of the House of Representatives, Pelosi said she would not seek re-election as a Democratic leader in Congress next year. He said he should be open to “new possibilities,” and noted the need […]

Confirmation of the neuroinflammation inhibitory effect of red thorn extract > News

Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine (President Lee Jin-yong, hereinafter referred to as the Institute of Oriental Medicine), Dr. Koh Young-hoon’s team (first author, Dr. Kim Jae-gwang) at the Korean Medicine Technology Application Center, announced they confirm the inhibitory effect of red thorn extract on neuroinflammation. The results of this research were published in the international […]

Ottapalam Upazila Kalotsavam Begins : Deepika.com Nattu Visesham

Ottapalam Sub-District started Kalotsavam Friday, November 18, 2022 12:59 PM IST Ottapalam: Upazila Kalotsavam has started. KPSMMVHS Varod School and AUP School Tuckunna Ottapalam Upazila Kerala School Kalotsavam P. Mamikutty MLA inaugurated. Chairman of the Organizing Committee K. Janakidevi became the president. Kalotsava logo was prepared by CI City Councilor K. Sajitha Abdul Nasser serving […]