Mangaluru blast: National Investigation Agency to investigate Mangaluru blast case | Malayalam News, Kerala News | Manorama Online

Mangaluru, Aluva – Karnataka Home Minister Araga Gyanendra has said that he has asked the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to conduct further investigation into the oven bomb blast in an auto-rickshaw in Naguri, Mangaluru. DGP Praveen Sood said that central investigating agencies including the NIA have cooperated with the police in investigating the case and […]

Snow tramples the polling booths ‘President of Kazakhstan’

The presidential election on November 20 was the first under the new constitution.the very important official for the future of the country said How important it is to note that the Kazakh government has invited a large number of international media and observers to see how transparent the election is. meet correct international standards according […]

I like three meals a day… Intermittent fasting increases risk of early death (research)

Eat an appropriate amount at least 5 hours apart input 2022.11.24 08:34 correction 2022.11.24 08:50 25 scenes input 2022.11.24 08:34correction 2022.11.24 08:50 25 scenes Eating just one meal a day with intermittent fasting has been shown to increase the risk of premature death compared to eating three meals a day. [사진=게티이미지뱅크] Research has shown that […]

‘The Witcher 3’ next generation free update, what changes

Before next generation version update witch 3What will change? Developers CD Project RED (CDPR) revealed the change directly via video and released a new trailer together. CDPR held its official live event, RED Stream Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, next generation version on the 24th Korean time. At the event, the game’s Interim Narrative Director Philip […]

162 civic groups “representing the voices of victims and bereaved families in the disaster”

Active solidarity, such as counseling and legal aidEncourage the government to investigate the truth about the family’s involvement in bereavement ▲ On the 23rd, at the People’s Unity for Participatory Democracy, representatives of civic groups are holding a joint press conference to discover the truth about the Itaewon disaster and to support the victims. 2022.11.23 […]

[이 시각 세계] Mass protest at the Foxconn factory in China

◀ Anchor ▶ This time, let’s connect the newsroom and find out the international news that came in all night. Publisher Lee Seon-yeong, there was a large-scale protest at the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou, China, the world’s largest iPhone production base? ◀ Publisher Seonyoung Lee ▶ Yes, thousands of Foxconn workers confronted the Chinese police, […]