To fold the hands and raise the heart to God

Pope Francis tweeted that prayer leads us to communion with the saints. Father is Jinu Jacob, Vatican City Pope Francis said that prayer leads us to communion with the saints. The Pope shared this wonderful idea in his Twitter message on November 22. The full text of the tweet is as follows, “Every time we […]

The 2022 World Cup Program for 25 November 2022, Siam Rath

Open the program for the FIFA World Cup 2022 (FIFA World Cup 2022) in Qatar 2022, group stage, 2nd match on Friday, November 25, 2022. Let’s see which teams are competing. If you love any team, cheer for any team, check out the match schedule along with live broadcast channels. Group Stage – Game 2 […]

Heavy rain in Jeddah; Two deaths

Jeddah: Two people died in heavy rain in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Civil Defense said. Many vehicles were swept away by the overflowing water. There are also reports that many people, including Malayalis, are trapped in different places. Due to the possibility of heavy rain, educational institutions were closed earlier. The rain started at seven in […]

According to the report, China’s Youth National Protection Game Indulgence is “basically solved”, but 65% of them have transferred to the short video platform (should Douyin shake?) – Computer King Ada

Life will always find a way out on its own. Under the different Chinese-style policies similar to clearing thought, even many things can indeed achieve very direct results, but it is always but in everything… Continue reading “China’s Defense of Underage Addicted to Games” basically solved”, but 65% of them turned to the short video […]

When Sun Chunlan was investigating and leading the epidemic prevention and control in Chongqing, he emphasized the race against time and detailed operation to prevent the spread of the epidemic. Chen Miner and Hu Henghua participated in relevant activities respectively_Chongqing Municipal People’s Government Network

When Sun Chunlan investigated and led the prevention and control of the epidemic in Chongqing, he emphasized that every second should be raced against time to implement every effort to prevent the spread of the epidemic, Chen Miner and Hu Henghua participated in relevant activities in the that order. Release time: 2022-11-25 release time:2022-11-25 Sun […]

Asan City promotes ‘Knowing AIDS Right’ to improve awareness > News

Asan City promotes ‘Knowing AIDS Right’ to improve awareness [굿뉴스365] On December 1st, the 35th World AIDS Day and AIDS Prevention Week, Asan City will promote AIDS prevention and dispel prejudice against AIDS. Considering the recent increase in new AIDS infections among teenagers, the city has launched ‘Don’t doubt, safe check-up’, ‘Easy prevention with a […]

[영상] 4 biggest mysteries of the world? Why can’t China play football?

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Hwang Yoon-jeong = The opening match of the Qatar World Cup held on the 21st (Korea time). Ecuadorian striker Ener Valencia scored the first goal of the tournament from the penalty spot against hosts Qatar. An advertisement for Hisense, a Chinese home appliance company, was placed on the billboard behind […]