All 20 types of flu are effective, new vaccine trial success

A new messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccine developed to prevent all 20 types of seasonal influenza viruses (commonly known as influenza) has been successful in animal experiments. As a result, hopes have risen that a ‘universal flu vaccine’ can be realized that can prevent all types of seasonal flu with a single vaccine. However, it […]

Poland vs Argentina World Cup 2022 Live Scores Real Live Score 11

ForecastWorld Cup 2022 World Cup Competing in the third match of Group C, the national football teamPoland Famous teams from Europe compete with the national football team.Argentina Representative from South America Whoever wins this match goes straight to the next round. Live broadcast on Channel 5, Royal Thai Army Channel 5, readiness check before going […]

Get a glimpse of the temple in Phetchabun Since the abbot demanded the son of the temple, take methamphetamine, purple pee

On November 28, 2022, reporters reported that By order of Mr. Krit Khongmuang, Governor of Phetchabun Province and Maj Gen. Thadet Klomkliang, Phetchabun State Police Chief. Instructed police officers, Bueng Sam Phan Police Station, village chief administrative officers and Bueng Sam Phan Hospital joint screening for amphetamine users Continuously according to the “R X-Ray” project […]

Japan-Mongolia Summit in Tokyo… “Shared concerns about North Korean missiles”

Japan-Mongolia Summit in Tokyo (Tokyo Kyodo = Yonhap News) Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida (right) and Mongolian President Ohna Khurelsukh (left) held a summit meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office in Tokyo, Japan on the 29th. The scene where Prime Minister Kishida and President Ohna shake hands. 2022.11.29 [재판매 및 DB 금지] (Tokyo = Yonhap […]

An interactive map of 200,000 light-year galaxies…

An interactive map of 200,000 light-year galaxies… Based on information gathered over 20 years, Johns Hopkins University has released an interactive map of the universe that is available to anyone who has missed access to scientists only. When viewing the page, you cannot manipulate the entire diagram interactively. To manipulate the map, click on the […]