World Cup Mitsuboshi Cross “I got proof that the whole ball is not out” FIFA | NHK

Regarding Kaoru Mitoma’s cross, which led to Japan’s winning goal in the match between Japan and Spain, FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) said on its official Twitter account, “We have received evidence that the whole ball did not go outside, ” he explained. In the first league match between Japan and Spain held on […]

[경제]Consumer prices rose 5.0% in November… the lowest in 7 months

[앵커] Last month, consumer prices rose 5.0 percent, recording the lowest rate of increase in seven months. The National Statistical Office predicted that the possibility of an increase in inflation due to the economic slowdown at home and abroad is unlikely to increase. Reporter Oh In-seok on the sidewalk. [기자] The consumer price index, which […]

EU agrees to cap Russian crude oil price at $60 a barrel

The European Union (EU) agreed on the 2nd to cap the price of Russian crude oil at $60 a barrel. The Czech Republic, the presidency of the European Union, announced on Twitter on the same day (2nd) that it had reached an agreement on a price ceiling for Russian crude oil. Poland, which had previously […]

“Blatt Lee Jae-myung” versus “Blatt Lee Sang-min”… Difficulties in dealing with the budget bill in the regular National Assembly

The 2 day court deadline has finally passed Objection, shifting responsibility, “your fault” Conflict for every issue, difficulties in reviewing the budget bill Kim Jin-pyo “It must be dealt with within the regular session of the National Assembly” The Yoon Seok-yeol administration’s first budget bill eventually passed the two-day deadline for processing in the National […]