A slim chance of defeating Brazil?

◀ Anchor ▶ The next opponent of our football team, who created the miracle of Doha, is the strongest in the world, Brazil. Although the emergence of ace Neymar is unclear, both the offense and the defense are talented players that it is difficult to find gaps. Still, our players burn with fighting spirit. This […]

Enthusiastic Japanese Archipelago… ‘Real Japan?’ #1 real time search term

Newspapers spread ‘extra’ in the city center at dawn “I can’t believe it. Sugoi (great)!” In the third final match of the group stage of the World Cup 2022 World Cup Qatar, when the Japanese national football team beat Germany and even Spain, the world football powerhouse, to advance to the round of 16 as […]

[국제]”China, 2 million deaths if zero corona is destroyed”… WHO needs imported vaccines

[앵커] Concerns have come to light one after the other that millions of people could die if China scrapped ‘Zero Corona’ completely. The World Health Organization, WHO, actively recommends imported vaccines as a response to China’s corona. Reporter Kim Seon-hee reports. [기자] After the so-called ’empty protest’ took place in China, quarantine measures are eased […]

Syngenta is investing 330 million to expand the largest corn seed factory in ASEAN

Syngenta Seeds is investing more than 330 million to increase production capacity, expand a new factory to produce the largest hybrid maize seed production in Thailand and ASEAN in Lopburi Province. Ready to aim to be Thailand’s leader as an export hub Mr. Justin Wulf, CEO Seed Business, Syngenta HQ That revealed it as the […]

10th day of the cargo strike

◀ Anchor ▶ As the cargo union strike continues for the 11th day, gasoline stocks at commercial gas stations are showing rock bottom. The government is revising the order to start work even for tankers, but the KCTU is going on a national general strike on the 6th. This is reporter Cha Joo-hyeok. ◀ Report […]