The SET closes 7 points, investors take profits. Fear of economic recession

Watan Jitsomnuek Director of Strategic Analysis Pi Securities he said Thailand’s stock market index is in line with Asian stock markets and the Dow Jones Before, he has already adjusted to receiving a lot of good news. In particular, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) signaled a slower increase in interest rates. Today, there is pressure […]

Shingles increases the risk of stroke and coronary artery disease

▲ A study found that those with a history of shingles had a greater incidence of cardiovascular disease. (Photo = DB) [메디컬투데이=한지혁 기자] Studies have shown that patients with a history of shingles have a higher incidence of cardiovascular disease. A study investigating the link between shingles and cardiovascular disease was published in the Journal […]

Training for the match against Brazil.. Bento “I have nothing to lose”

◀ Anchor ▶ Our football team will meet Brazil, first place in the FIFA rankings, in the round of 16 tomorrow morning. ◀ Anchor ▶ “We have nothing to lose,” said Bento, expressing his confidence that he could win as much as it was a single match. This is reporter Jeong Gyu-mook from Doha. ◀ […]

Hundreds of cool works, charming tea

Content of the first chapter: Panchalee Satirasat, artist, sculptor tea lovers tell the tale of tea For thousands of years, tea has a legend that comes with a cup. There is joy and sorrow. It is a hideous beauty and ugliness. both come from high places and were made shamefully is a high priced thing […]

[월드컵]Bento welcomes Brazil “The World Cup is a one shot game, we can win once”

Showing strong confidence in an official press conference before the Brazil matchBento “Motivating the players? Rather, I get it from the players.”Kim Jin-soo “Even one minute is precious… The ultimate goal against Brazil is to win” ▲ Coach Paulo Bento (left) and Kim Jin-soo (right) express their decision for the match against Brazil in a […]

OPEC to continue curbing World oil production | Deshabhimani

Dubai/Moscow OPEC countries are moving to continue to control oil production despite the opposition of the United States and Western countries. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) decided to continue the production cut at its meeting on Sunday. OPEC’s action comes after the European Union, G7 countries and Australia set a price ceiling […]