| Hakimi against Spain | Mangalam

Doha: It will be very interesting for Morocco’s Ashraf Hakimi to face Spain today. Born in the Spanish capital, Madrid, Hakimi today has to play for the country where he grew up. The pre-quarter between Spain and Morocco will be played at the Education City Stadium in Al Rayyan. Winger Ashraf Hakimi is one of […]

World Cup 2022 Round of 16: Netherlands and Argentina progress to quarter-finals

The 2022 World Cup round of 16 teams, the first day, the Netherlands embrace Argentina and enter the eighth round The first pair of round 16 teams competed at 10:00pm between the Netherlands playing at the Khalifa Stadium. International Stadium in Doha, the lost city of Qatar, met the United States, starting the game 10 […]

Baoji Municipal People’s Government Portal Notice Publication Baoji City Reported 39 Cases of Asymptomatic Infections

Baoji city reports 39 cases of asymptomatic infections Source: Baoji Epidemic Response Headquarters Release time: 2022-12-05 19:38 Views: On December 4, 2022, Baoji City reported 39 cases of asymptomatic infection of new coronary pneumonia. The main activities of the city association are as follows: Asymptomatic infection 2, asymptomatic infection 4, asymptomatic infection 7, asymptomatic infection […]

ICC “There is no need for a separate court to investigate Russian war crimes”

International Criminal Court rejects the EU’s proposal to establish a UN specialized court to investigate war crimes in Russia On the 5th, the International Criminal Court (ICC) rejected a proposal by the European Union (EU) to establish a new tribunal, apart from investigating possible war crimes in Russia. The Chief Prosecutor of the ICC Karim […]

Debate over the last goal in Japan… FIFA collection two days later

Photo = Union AP Regarding the controversy surrounding the misjudgment of the last goal in the Qatar 2022 World Cup Group E match between Japan and Spain on the 2nd, the International Football Federation (FIFA) published its official position ‘it was not a line out’. It’s been two days since the game ended. On the […]

Thenatan Unleashes a Devil – midifan: We focus on computer music

Devil takes a unique approach to amplifying or destroying signals. The plug-in provides six different types of distortion modes, and the horns on top of the devil in the middle of the Devil will change with the distortion mode, ranging from mild tube overdrive effects to extreme digital harsh effects. Diafol is suitable for a […]

[국제]Orion, an unmanned lunar orbiter, returns to Earth on the 11th

The unmanned Orion spacecraft, which was put on the lunar exploration mission in Artemis 1, began its flight back to Earth. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced that Orion, which flew close to the moon’s orbit on the 5th local time, is on its way back to Earth. Orion passed the Apollo 12 […]

Newsletter”Bybit CEO announced layoffs from all departments, rate may reach 30% |

(Review:Bybit announces USD 100 million support fund, institutional clients can receive up to 10 million Mg )(background attachment:But BitDAO suffered? BIT suddenly fell 25%, Bybit: Someone broke the promise and threw away 100 million US dollars!) noonAccording to the latest news, the digital currency exchange Bybit published an internal letter stating that it will further […]