Russia Considers Price Floor on Oil Exports to Compete with G7 Caps – Bloomberg

Russia is considering setting floor prices for crude oil exports. The G7 countries last week turned to Russian oilEquivalent to setting the highest price. Two officials with knowledge of the plan said there were two options within the Russian government: a fixed price floor per barrel or a maximum discount rate to an international crude […]

Gold futures fell $1.10 as the weak dollar boosted the market.

gold futures price Closed Tuesday (Dec. 6) rebounded $ 1.10, driven by the weakening of the dollar. which will increase the attractiveness of gold By making gold contracts cheaper for holders of other currencies. Comex gold futures contract Introduced in February. plus $1.10 to close at $1,782.40 / oz The price of gold rebounded today. […]

Croatia VS Brazil: World Cup 2022 Preview (Live)

Croatian national team vs Brazilian national team * NOTE * : Watch through the TrueID application, the only place in Thailand. Special for True Customers only / watch on TrueID TV box, live broadcast on True Sports 2 and Free TV channels throughout the tournament. The performance of the last 5 games Croatia 05/12/22 Always […]

Encouraged by Lecraza phase 3 results, Yuhan Corporation “expects to advance to US”

Yuhan Corp. expressed (CEO Cho Wook-je) high expectations for the US approval of its domestic anti-cancer drug ‘Rexraza’ (ingredient: Lazertinib). Product image of Yuhan Corporation’s ‘Lexraza Tablet’. On the 6th, Yuhan held a press conference at the Plaza Hotel in Seoul to present the results of the phase 3 clinical trial of Lexraza, which was […]