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Karachi: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramis Raja has said that India will not be able to withdraw easily from the 2023 Asia Cup. The International Cricket Council (ICC) decides the venues and schedule of each tournament after discussing all aspects. He said India would not be able to withdraw from the tournament under these circumstances.

India has severed ties with Pakistan and currently only play ICC tournaments against Pakistan. However, the Indian team has not traveled to Pakistan for years. In this scenario, the question is whether the Indian team will be ready to visit Pakistan for the Asia Cup. Since then, Pakistan has hosted the 2025 Champions Trophy.

‘The two-nation series between the two countries may not go so easily. But that is not the case with tournaments in which more countries participate. In the case of ICC tournaments, no team can retreat so easily. There will be so much pressure on that ‘- Rameez Raja pointed out.

The consequences of ICC tournaments are discussed before each country is allowed to host them. Therefore, I do not think India will withdraw from the tournament, ”said Rameez Raja.

He also revealed that he had met the President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Sourav Ganguly in the UAE during the Twenty20 World Cup.

‘I have a very close relationship with Sourav Ganguly. We recently discussed how to expand cricket to more countries. Such discussions will be easier when cricketers come to the helm of the boards. Because the experience on the field will help it ‘- said Rameez Raja.

‘There is still a long way to go in terms of playing with each other. Not so easy. In the current situation, there are many political obstacles ahead. It is very difficult to have a constructive discussion on this issue, ”said Rameez Raja.

English Summary: Ramiz Raja on India’s participation in Asia Cup 2023 to be hosted by Pakistan