2023 Chongqing Fashion Art Week x ELLE WeChat article “This time the protagonist of fashion is Chongqing”

2023 Chongqing Fashion Art Week x ELLE

The most interesting thing about fashion is that it lasts forever.On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Longfor Chongqing North City Paradise Street, Chongqing Fashion and Art Week SS2023 will be held.It not only grasps the current trend of the city, but is also a model for the output of the resonance of local culture and fashion.Longfor Chongqing Beicheng Paradise Street and ELLE jointly explore the “endless realm” of fashion and art.

Trends come and go, and the theme of this Chongqing Fashion Art Week is “Endless Realm”, which shows their attitude towards the pursuit of fashion, endless thinking and exploration, and becomes the protagonist of fashion. Fashionable activities are coming one after another, Huizhou digital artist’s first offline digital believer artwork in the country, immersive digital art show, avant-garde designer brand’s first show in Southwest China, major brand signing and sales Bridge’s PUK on site. … a collection of fashion, art, The grand ceremony of music and fashion begins here.

The Endless Kingdom, the Great Ceremony Begins

Does fashion have boundaries?

Where will the change in the ever-changing trend go?

In the endless fashion journey, only through continuous exploration can we always understand the right to speak in fashion and achieve a unique style.

2023 Chongqing Fashion Art Week x elle

2023 Chongqing Fashion Art Week x ELLE

An immersion ceremony integrating fashion, art and music is held on Beicheng Paradise Street. Guests from all walks of life gathered for the Jianyan dialogues to usher in a new era.

They are fashion’s most loyal practitioners, and have carved their love for fashion and spirit of exploration into their bones. They bring the spirit of fashion to different areas, insisting that the self is the style. Innovative fashion critic, leading the dialogue Longfor Chongqing Beicheng Paradise Street.

2023 Chongqing Fashion Art Week x elle

2023 Chongqing Fashion Art Week x ELLE

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Travel between real and virtual worlds

Start exploring the future

Collaborate with digital artist Huizhou to create an innovative field of digital art with the “Digital Believers” series, integrating Eastern and Western aesthetic tastes and futuristic imagination. Fine character texture and futuristic design, between vastness and subtlety, illusion and reality, thinking about free will, eternity and eternity are always inspired.

2023 Chongqing Fashion Art Week x elle

2023 Chongqing Fashion Art Week x ELLE

Pursuing fashion is not only an experience and following fashion, but also the process of gradually forming and stabilizing a personal style in the pursuit of fashion, and achieving self-enjoyment and self-pleasure.Put your hands together and become fashion believers together.

Innovative show, fashion connection

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Focusing on trends, Longfor Chongqing Beicheng Paradise Street joins forces with LAB SICKLE, LE SELECT, and MERAK SHOWROOM to bring together innovative designer brands at home and abroad to create an immersive show.

2023 Chongqing Fashion Art Week x elle

2023 Chongqing Fashion Art Week x ELLE

Mining individual colors and boldly expressing the current fashion attitude is the fashion direction of the future. Surprisingly, in the experimental exhibition space, there is not only the French avant-garde aesthetics of Parisian fashion houses such as PACO RABANNE, but also KIMHEKIM and ZIMMERMANN, who interpret the contemporary women’s attitude of softness and rigidity and the elegant retro style of designer brands innovative brands such as LUO JING, ATZILUTH, MOLIIIIN and DISPEL DOOM tell unique fashion narratives by deconstructing silhouettes from a discerning perspective.

From the perspective of brand diversification, whether it is an international pioneer brand, a highly representative women’s clothing brand or an innovative designer brand, the diverse specialized design mining perspective reflects the unique fashion choices and submissions of Beicheng and United Buyers, it it has a deep insight into the various style choices and differentiating current consumer needs, and also includes a connection with the typical local culture of Chongqing.

EP YAYING, JORYA, ICICLE and more brand shows are coming one after another.In this brand show, there are many merchants from the location, which connect and empower the location multi-dimensionally and off-site, organically integrate fashion trends with offline stores, and bringing consumers a cutting-edge fashion experience while truly delivering Bring the latest. edge to floor exercise.

Local culture, brooding resonance

In the southwest, the Sichuan-Chongqing area has its own local culture and art, From the traditional drama that has been passed down to the present, to the Sichuan-Chongqing dialect rap culture that is popular throughout the country in the contemporary context, the historical context and contemporary art blend together.

Longfor Chongqing Beicheng Paradise Street and Hip-Hop singer Bridge jointly hatched the innovative local fashion brand Chongqing PUK (Peaceful United Kingdom), based on Hip-Hop culture and youth power. Vibrant and rich colours, product craftsmanship with interesting details, 90’s Hip-Hop style combined with contemporary trend language. The adventurous and innovative spirit makes PUK and Hip-Hop lovers not only resonate in music and clothes, but also communicate in creativity, culture and lifestyle.Fashion and the street are inseparable, and youth culture is gradually rewriting today’s fashion pattern with the force of a “back wave”.

PUK’s first pop-up store in China will open on January 15. In the event called “Paradise”, not only will there be a limited edition in Chongqing city, but the Bridge manager will also personally sign the sale . After the event, DJ ZINO was also invited to bring an immersive digital art electronic music closing party to the audience at the closing event.

As a new fashion brand in Chongqing, in addition to being based on a youth perspective, PUK also has a unique local cultural atmosphere. With clothes as the carrier, the busy streets of Chongqing, with varied and rich colors, have become the brand’s design inspiration. And the creative prints derived from the word “CHONGQING” often appear on clothes with a hip-hop attitude as a statement.

self reinvention,keep up with the times

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For the changing fashion activities of the new generation of consumers, as a fashionable landmark in the city, it not only needs all-inclusive products, but also needs to continuously produce rich and diverse cultural experiences. Behind Endless Realm is Beicheng’s endless exploration of fashion and art over the past years and his youthful upgrade that matches the times.

The 20th anniversary concept blockbuster uses “Begin Again” as Beicheng’s motto to achieve self-renewal through brand upgrading and space innovation in the past 20 years. During the last 20 years of transformation and growth, it has not only continued to introduce the first brand and the first store, but also as a cultural incubator that resonates with the city. fashion trends have also made Beicheng lead the trend of Chongqing to renew and upgrade, expand and reshape the boundaries of urban fashion aesthetics. Help Chongqing Guanyinqiao Commercial District to build a first-class commercial district, and assist in building an international consumption center city.


The fashion protagonist this time is Chongqing. Explore and reshape itself from an innovative perspective, endow fashionable landmarks and even cities with new fashion and vitality, explore endless lands with Longfor Chongqing Beicheng Paradise Street, and open the future of fashion.


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