2023 Medical Korea opens… Face to face event after 3 years

2023 Medical Korea will be held as a face-to-face event three years after COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare (Minister Kyu-Hong Cho) announced that Medical Korea will be held at COEX for two days from the 23rd to the 24th. The event is organized by the Korea Health Industry Development Organization (President Cha Sun-do).

The theme of this event, which started in 2010 and is celebrating its 13th year this year, is ‘Journey for a Better Daily Life and Future’ A large number of global healthcare experts are expected to participate.

Medical Korea, hosted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and supervised by the Health Industry Development Institute, will be held for two days on the 23rd and 24th.

The main speech at this event will be delivered by Dr. Jamie Metzl, futurist and Founder and Chairman of OneShared.World (, which will deliver the future of healthcare through innovations in artificial intelligence (AI), genetics and biotechnology. He will predict.

Next, Hwang Hee, CEO of Kakao Healthcare, will give a lecture on the future of digital healthcare, including the efficiency of medical services through mobile devices and its role as a platform.

At the conference, 4 forums and 6 seminars will be held, including ‘Global Medical Tourism Trends and Healthcare Collaboration Opportunities’. A total of 65 people will participate in the event to discuss ways to expand the expansion of Korean medical care abroad.

Starting with the keynote speech at the opening ceremony, the forum consisted of 4 forums: ▴Global medical tourism trends and healthcare cooperation opportunities ▴MKA e-class (online training for foreign medical personnel) ▴Strategy on for restarting international healthcare in the age of the next normal ▴Healthcare innovation in the age of My Nata There are 27 presentations in

In the forum held during the afternoon of the first day (23rd), global healthcare experts from China, Singapore, and Malaysia will present the latest industry trends and medical tourism policies of each country.

Following this, the training forum for foreign medical practitioners will introduce the surgical technique process to foreign health care officers and domestic medical staff, followed by presentations of impressions from trainees participating in the online training.

In addition, 26 presentations are scheduled in 6 seminars on topics related to local governments, academic societies, associations and international medical projects, together with the presentation of international medical projects promoted by the government through seminars.

In this seminar, around 30 healthcare experts look at trends such as digital healthcare, Korea-Central Asia rehabilitation medicine, medical tourism marketing strategy, overseas medical expansion, and international medical business by local governments.

At the business meeting, a space will be provided for communication between foreign purchasing companies and the domestic health industry involved in attracting foreign patients and entering foreign medical service, and a business meeting booth will be operated in the COEX conference room , and some participants will be implemented. participate through an online video conferencing system.

In his welcome speech at the opening ceremony, Second Vice Minister of Health and Welfare Park Min-soo said, “The experience of COVID-19 has been an opportunity to reflect on the importance of securing sovereignty in healthcare technology in one’s own country, and we will institutional improvements to establish a sustainable healthcare system.”

He continued, “The digital transformation period, when the paradigm for medical, health and care services changes, will be an opportunity for Korea, which has excellent information and communication technology (ICT) and big data, to become global. a leader.” he did

Vice Minister Park said, “To this end, we will focus the government’s capabilities and provide maximum support so that the digital and biohealth industry will become Korea’s next-generation growth engine and a national key strategic industry through create an ecosystem for health innovation. industry.”

In addition, Director Cha Soon-do of the Korea Health Industry Development Institute said in an opening address, “Korea can lead the global healthcare industry by timely analyzing and preparing for global healthcare trends in a crisis situation such as a disease global contagion. pandemic.” We hope it will become a venue for international knowledge exchange that can predict the future of the health and medical industry after COVID-19.”


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