2023 Pokemon GO cheats tutorial / strategy / recommendation tool Pokemon cheat method iTolab AnyGo

Xiaomi is now going to introduce a Pokemon go plug-in method, which allows you to fly around at home, one click to change the GPS location of your iPhone / iPad / Android to your desired location, and become a flying Pokemon ios ( Pokemon Flying Android), and the phone does not need Root, and the iPhone does not need to be jailbroken! It allows you to easily cheat Pokemon Go GPS Location and play Pokemon GO without having to work hard. In addition, iTolab AnyGo can also be used on Tinder, Facebook, Bumble, life360, etc. Come and try it now give it a try!

First go to the official website to download the iTolab AnyGo software, after the download is complete, install it! It provides a version for Windows and a version that supports MacOS! It also supports multiple languages! Basically, the installation method is very simple, that is, the next step, the next step, and one click to install!

Download 👉

After installing iTolab AnyGo, let’s try it right away to see if it’s useful and can find Pokemon virtually. You can also refer to the official user guide: /

iTolab AnyGo supports iPhone/iPad and also supports Android. Connect the phone and select the device, and the device name will appear on the screen. For iPhone, you need to enable developer mode, so you can connect to iTolab AnyGo!

For Android, various brands will appear nearby, and you can click to enter according to your own brand!

There is a complete workaround above, just turn on developer mode, and then turn on USB debugging. In this way, you can change the Android location!

After entering the program, you can see “Transfer Mode”, “Two-point Route”, “Multi-point Route”, “Skip Transfer Mode”, “Import GPX File” and “History Record” in the corner upper right Whether it is Android or iPhone, the operation is almost as simple, here we use iPhone to operate.

First, you can enter the direction we want to go to in the input field in the upper left corner, or you can move directly to the desired location on the map and click.

The iTolab AnyGo screen will move to the bit stove we input, click to move, and the Pokémon GO location on the phone will fly over by hand!

Next, let’s look at both paths. Click on the iTolab AnyGo screen, and a move button will appear. At the bottom of the screen, there is an adjustable speed. It provides 1m/s (3.6km/h ) to 27.778m/s (100km/h), after adjusting the speed, click “Move”. You can also use the lower left joystick to control the location and change the GPS.

The screen shows the distance and time between the two points of the route. Here you can set the number of bikes, the walking method, and the real mode (the simulated walking can be fast or slow, and the walking speed looks natural). After all settings are made, click “Move”.

At this time, the blue dots on iTolab AnyGo start to move slowly, and they won’t stop until they move to the position we set. The Pokemon GO screen on the mobile phone will not stop until it reaches the destination.

See a more complete iTolab AnyGo tutorial:

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