2023: the dispute begins – PRI begins defense: it has a disadvantage in Edomex, but in Coahuila the 4T is divided

At the time of the beginning of the campaigns for the governorships, due to how the coalitions were accommodated, the polls show a clear difference between the aspirants for the State of Mexico and a tie between the candidates for Coahuila.

Mexico City, April 2 (However).–In The bells for the June electionshe Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) has joined forces with National Action (PAN) and the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) —who in other times denounced him for electoral fraud—as long as his two bastions do not be taken away by Morenawhich starts with a good position for the Mexico statebut that arrives disunited and tied for Coahuilaaccording to the latest surveys.

“Not going in a coalition (in Coahuila) is a mistake. The votes that the PT obtains, which will not go more than 10 percent of the vote, are votes that take away from Morena and in some way they will end up doing a favor to the already moribund Coahuila PRI regime of Moreirato,” Diego del Bosque acknowledged in an interview. , leader of Morena in the state.

The Labor Party in Coahuila decided to champion former Security Undersecretary Ricardo Mejía, who criticized the Morena survey. In this regard, Del Bosque warned: “Ignoring the results of the polls represents a negative precedent for 2024, as it will be the method to choose a presidential candidate.”

Morena arrives without an alliance in Coahuila, where polls show a technical tie with Va por México. Photo: Twitter Armando Guadiana.

In the State of Mexico, an entity with high levels of insecurity and poverty, the standard-bearer of Morena-PVEM-PT, Delfina Gómez, begins the contest with between 18 and 20 points of advantage over the candidate Alejandra del Moral, supported by the PRI -PAN-PRD, once rivals in the entity in dispute, according to polls from The financialParametry and Enkoll.

But in the coal state, according to surveys of The financial y The universalArmando Guadiana went with Morena without the PT and starts with a technical draw against Manolo Jiménez, from Va por México, an alliance that the leader of Morena in Coahuila considered “a mockery” for the PAN militancy, a party “that was sold for a plate of lentils”.

“The PAN maintained a real fight against the moreirato and we maintain that they won the governorship in 2017 (with Guillermo Anaya against Miguel Riquelme), they stole it from them and it is very sad that six years later, the PAN leaders are raising their arms. hands to the Moreira (Manolo Jiménez)”, affirmed the Morenista Diego del Bosque.

In the elections in these two entities, the PRI, which once became the hegemonic political force in the country, could shrink like never before in its almost 100-year history and remain, if the trend in the State of Mexico is true, with only two entities in his control, of the 12 he had in 2018. One of them Coahuila, where the numbers seem to be on his side, and the other, Durango, which he won thanks to the PAN.


The State of Mexico has been a land of PRI rule for almost a century. A territory marked by the PRI and by accusations of rigged elections with vote buying, people hauled away and “pregnant” ballot boxes. Now this entity is getting ready for other elections.

Last week, on March 21, the candidate of Va por México Alejandra del Moral registered before the Electoral Institute of the State of Mexico, an event where the national leaders of the PRI, PAN and PRD raised their hands and she identified the triad as “my party”.

“I am a very PRI member, but before being a PRI member I am a Mexican,” he assured to applause and coalition flags. “Our alliance should not only be between parties, it must be with the whole of society.”

Alejandra Del Moral during her registration as a candidate for Va por México for the government of the State of Mexico. Photo: Facebook Alejandra Del Moral.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, March 26, the candidate for Together We Make History, Delfina Gómez, did the same in the presence of several governors, including the Head of Government Claudia Sheinbaum. As she did during her pre-campaign, where she was the target of a dirty war by the PRI according to her campaign manager Horacio Duarte, the teacher stated that they will put an end to almost 100 years of “corruption and neglect” in the entity mexiquense

Between shouts of “It’s an honor to be with the best!” and “It has arrived, it is here, the one that is going to remove the PRI”, Gómez thanked the unity of the coalition and said: “Mexiquenses are more united than ever, more committed, we are all moved by the deepest desire for change ”.

Delfina Gómez during the registration as a candidate of Morena to the government of the State of Mexico. Photo: Twitter Delfina Gomez.

Previously, the national leader of Morena, Mario Delgado, warned the people of Mexico not to trust themselves when facing the group that has “greater interests against the people and we know what they do in the elections”, for which he called for massive participation on Election Sunday.

The State of Mexico is the federal entity with the largest electoral roll in the country with 12.7 million voters as of February 28, 2023, which makes it a booty and a prelude to the federal elections, which are held one year after the Mexican government.


In Coahuila the political landscape is different. There, Morena goes without the PT as an ally to face the Alliance in an entity in which the first numbers do not favor the ruling party, as is the case in the State of Mexico. The civil engineer Armando Guadiana, a bullfighting and charcoal businessman, jumped from the PRI to Morena in 2016. In 2017 he ran for governor of Coahuila, but only obtained 11 percent of the votes against the PAN member Guillermo Anaya and the now PRI Governor, Miguel Riquelme. In 2021 he tried to be Mayor of Saltillo, but came in second place.

This 2023 seeks the third to be the charm, but in front of him is Manolo Jiménez, backed by an alliance between the “Moreirato”, as they call it, and the panismo. He also contends against Ricardo Mejía who did not support his aspirations.

On Thursday, March 23, Manolo Jiménez, candidate of the Va por Coahuila coalition, went to the headquarters of the Coahuila Electoral Institute to register among the support of militants and sympathizers of the three PRI-PAN-PRD political forces.

“This alliance is the meeting point for all Coahuilenses who want to do something good for our state,” said the candidate whose challenge is to keep the PRI in the state.

For his part, on Sunday, March 26, accompanied by governors, the national leader of Morena Mario Delgado, the general secretary of Morena Citlali Hernández and the Secretary of the Interior Adán Augusto, the candidate of Morena Armando Guadiana also registered his candidacy with the electoral authority local.

Only between cherry flags, the coalman and bullfighting took protest. In his message, he condemned the years of indebtedness, insecurity and “disaster” by PRI governments.

Manolo Jiménez during his registration as a candidate of Va por México for the government of Coahuila. Photo: Twitter Manolo Jimenez.

Diego del Bosque, leader of Morena Coahuila, exposed that during the pre-campaign the Government of Coahuila, through the far-right FRENA, “instilled fear in the population” with billboards that said that with Guadiana Coahuila would become like Zacatecas and Tamaulipas, two of the epicenters of violence from drug trafficking now governed by Morena.

“This time they are not saved, we are going to send them to the black museum of anti-democracy and to the garbage dump of history,” warned Guadiana.

Time will tell.

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