Disturbed Liverpool – what color is Manchester? Sutton-Merson Premier League Prediction

BBC British games analyst Chris Sutton believes this weekend’s Premier League game will see Manchester United lose to Manchester City at Old Trafford. City Rivals 1-2 While the leaders Arsenal attack Tottenham Hotspur, their London rivals beat them 3-0, while Liverpool can only draw 2-2 with Brighton. Sutton’s point of view Saturday 14 January. Manchester […]

Cheon Jeong-myeong, the tenant representative, made 70 scones and gave them to neighbors.

‘Na Hon Mountain’ (Photo = broadcast screen capture) A scone gift was prepared to commemorate Cheon Jung-myeong becoming a tenant representative. In the MBC variety show ‘I Live Alone’, broadcast on the night of the 13th, Cheon Jung-myung made 70 scones for the residents. On this day, Chun Jeong-myeong revealed the reason for visiting the […]

[국제]Ukrainian capital Kyiv hit by another missile

Russian rockets attack a residential area near Kiiu Russian missile hit flat … “5 dead, 60 injured” One after the other, refugees from Soledar, the biggest battlefield <!– –> [앵커] Russia launched another missile attack on major cities in Ukraine, including Kyiv and Dnipro. As air raid warnings sounded from early dawn, human casualties continued […]

Ukrainian side Soledar battle underway, but we are under control

The Ukrainian side said on the 14th (local time) that it was fighting Russian forces in Soledar on the eastern front, but that it still controlled the area. According to AFP, Donetsk Governor Pablo Kirilenko said in an interview with a local broadcaster that day, “Soledar is controlled by the Ukrainian authorities and the army.” […]