Yanomamis may have been victims of genocide, says judge at International Court

The dramatic situation of the Yanomami had international repercussions. Former Hague judge says there are signs of indigenous genocide Image: Sumaum Chico Alves, on his blog Brazil and the world were shocked by the dramatic situation of the Yanomami community in Roraima, where at least 570 children have died of malnutrition in the last four […]

“I’m afraid to turn on the boiler” in the ‘bomb’ of heating bills

◀ Anchor ▶ Many of you may be surprised to receive a heating bill last month. From as little as tens of thousands of winnings to as many as three or four times, even the word ‘heating cost bomb’ comes out. This is because city gas rates have suddenly risen, and reporter Lee Jae-wook has […]

Rain likely in northern parts of Oman

As a result of the new low pressure forming in Oman, isolated heavy rain is likely to occur in the country’s northern governments from tomorrow onwards, the Meteorological Center said. The effect of low pressure will be there throughout this week. The weather department also said that the temperature is likely to drop further. Isolated […]

BTS Jimin, January solo brand reputation idol 1st place

BTS Jimin Photo ㅣ Star Today DB As a result of big data analysis in January 2023 of idol personal brand reputation, it was analyzed in the order of 1st place BTS Jimin 2nd place New Jins Minji 3rd place BTS Jungkook? Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute extracted 69,517,410 idol personal brand big data from […]

Nintendo announces what to do when vaporization occurs on Nintendo Switch

The official Nintendo Support Twitter account will be on January 23 (Monday) on Nintendo Switch.What to do if condensation occursofficially announced. Condensation may form on the game console if the temperature of the place where the game console is placed changes suddenly. If condensation occurs, turn off the power and place in a warm room […]