If you want less age, drink this amount of water every day

6-9 cups for women, 8-12 cups for men… input 2023.01.27 08:35 Adjust 2023.01.27 08:22 Scenes 14 input 2023.01.27 08:35Adjust 2023.01.27 08:22 Scenes 14 Water intake reduces chronic diseases and prevents aging. [사진=게티이미지뱅크] “If you drink enough water, you age less,” a study found. According to a study by the National Institutes of Health published recently […]

virat kohli’s response on when fans tease shubman’s gill

Fans make fun of Shubman Gill/ Image Facebook Bhopal: Shubman Gill did not respond to the fans’ prolonged teasing of ‘Sara Bhabhi Kaisi Ho’. The fans who turned up for the final ODI of the India-New Zealand series at the Holkar Stadium in Indore made fun of Sarah by calling her name to get Gill’s […]

“Celebrities drink and make money by advertising PPL!” Seong Si-kyung’s immediate reaction to the comment was honesty with 200% satisfaction.

Send SNS articles Submit an article to Facebook Send an article to Twitter Submit an article to Kakao Story Submit articles to KakaoTalk Copy URL Send article to Find another share Seong Si-kyung responded honestly to netizens claiming that celebrities make money while drinking. ⓒ ‘Sung Si-kyung’ YouTube Channel Singer Seong Si-kyung showed an honest […]

The fair became hostage to an ugly political game /VIDEO/

/ I am waiting for the Municipal Council to send a representative of Plovdiv to the board of the Fair. I’ll vote for this with both hands. It would be nice if it was one of the most flamboyant ladies who brought the Fair into an ugly political game and are using it in pursuit […]

The museum is overcrowded…Tourists fight and knock down the “Bronze Statue of the Millennium” and the end is released: the punishment is too light | International | QUANTITY

The Sanxingdui Museum in Sichuan Province, China, was pushed and fought by tourists, causing thousands of years of national treasures to be knocked over. (Photo/Review from NetEase News) exaggerate too much! Recently, China coincided with the Spring Festival, and many people took advantage of the holiday to travel. Unexpectedly, at the Sanxingdui Museum in Sichuan […]

Following Oh Hyeon-gyu, Park Ji-soo went to Europe and joined Portuguese Portimonense.

Along with Kim Min-jae, he is named a European centre-back. Former national team coach Paulo Bento Park Ji-soo, who joined Portimonense. Capture of SNS Portimonense. Following the striker Oh Hyun-gyu, who joined Celtic, a prestigious league in Scotland, the defender Park Ji-soo also managed to move on to Europe. Portuguese League club Portimonense announced the […]

Yay, it’s almost graduation, Mega |

I don’t know if I’m in America, should I show my photos on Facebook? When we graduate, is it really necessary? What do other people think of us as a person~ No, yay! We are students who are not good at English at all. But we have patience and effort. Let’s just say I’m proud […]

Heritage Trade Q4 profit in line with expectations, revenue above expectations – Heritage Trading Company (NASDAQ:HTBK)’s fourth quarter reports are in line with analyst expectations. with revenue higher than expected According to information published on Thursday. Heritage Commerce’s earnings per share (EPS) were $0.34 on revenue of $56.99M. previously saw the figure at $0.34 per share on earnings of $54.33M. As well as Heritage […]