Green Revolution or Dirty Business?

Good morning, dear reader, in seven years, 80 percent of German power consumption should come from renewable energies. That’s what the government is planning, and it’s committed to it. Sounds great, but it’s a mammoth task. Although that is more of an understatement. We are facing a revolution that affects all areas of life: Economy […]

“Spy balloons” over the USA | Did Ex-President Donald Trump ignore her?

A report from the Pentagon is currently causing a stir. Accordingly, during Donald Trump’s presidency, Chinese balloons flew over the United States several times. The suspected Chinese “spy balloon” over the US is putting a massive strain on relations between Washington and Beijing. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden launched the balloon over the Atlantic – […]

Faeser announces refugee summit in the Ministry of the Interior

Municipalities are overwhelmed when it comes to accommodating refugees and asylum seekers. Federal Interior Minister Faeser has now announced a summit meeting. Because of the difficulties in accommodating refugees, Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser has announced a top-level meeting in her ministry. She sees “that there is still a need for action, and […]

China threatens US with “necessary responses”

The US shot down a suspected Chinese “spy balloon”. There are initial reactions from Beijing. A fighter jet shot down the alleged “spy balloon” from China that had entered US airspace over the Atlantic. “Today’s considered and lawful actions demonstrate that President Biden and his national security team always put the safety of the American […]

The conflict escalates

Almost all of the conflicts between Washington and Beijing were replayed this week. The atmosphere is extremely tense. What’s behind it? Antony Blinken originally wanted to leave for Beijing on Friday: China’s head of state and party leader Xi Jinping was to receive him there, according to media reports. It would have been the first […]

reintroduce conscription? That’s what the Germans think

Defense Minister Pistorius sees a “mistake” in the suspension of conscription. An exclusive survey shows how Germans feel about compulsory service. Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) currently does not consider the reintroduction of conscription to be sensible. Conscription has been suspended for many years and the structure of the Bundeswehr has “changed massively,” government spokesman […]

Greens want to regulate index rents – discussion in the traffic light government

According to the Greens, many tenants are soon threatened with “a shock” because of index rents linked to inflation. The FDP sees no need for action. The Greens are calling for the regulation of index rents linked to inflation. “Index rents are a problem that we have to tackle,” Katharina Dröge, co-chair of the Greens […]

USA and China in dispute: Federal government alarmed because of “spy balloons”

The federal government is apparently checking whether observation balloons are also flying over Europe. Chinese espionage is taken “very seriously”. In view of the reports of suspected Chinese spy balloons, the federal government has shown alarm. “The federal government takes Chinese espionage and the current reports very seriously and is coordinating with its most important […]

US Democrats start primaries in South Carolina for the first time

For decades, the US Democratic primary began in Iowa and New Hampshire. That will change in the coming year. The US Democrats have agreed on a new procedure for their primary elections before the 2024 presidential election. Unlike usual, this time they start in the US state of South Carolina. The party’s national organizing committee […]

Defense Minister Resnikov is to be dismissed

The Ukrainian defense minister is under considerable pressure. Now he should vacate his post. A successor is already in the starting blocks. The Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Resnikov, who has come under criticism after scandals in his office, is apparently about to be dismissed. As the member of parliament and Zelenskyy confidant Davyd Arakhamiya announced, […]