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7ι 귣 Ǫ(PUMA) ̺긮 Ŀ ‘Ľý(VELOPHASIS)’ Ѵ. ǰ ‘Ľý’ 2000뿡 ū α⸦ Ǫ 츮Ƽ ȭ ‘øƮ(COMPLETE)’ ؼ Ư¡̴. Ǫ øƮ iCELL, e+CELL ̵(EverRide) ̵ ̸ ĵ鿡 zh. Ľý ̿ Ľý ̾ øƮ ο Φ ſ Ҵ. κ Ī ΰ Ē , 聽 г, īο Ƿ翧 øƮ ϸ鼭 ο 縦 Ľý Ÿϰ ȭо. VELOPHASIS Bionic VELOPHASIS […]

Aubameyang set to move to LA

The veteran of Gabon has received serious attention from Los Angeles FC in the United States Major League Soccer after he did not have the opportunity to start as a real since the end of the final round “World Cup 2022” in the country of Qatar. Including the latest, it has also been cut from […]

A simple test of muscle mass in the elderly

Muscles that support the body and give strength to movement lose their elasticity as well as the amount with age. In particular, muscle mass naturally begins to decrease after the age of 40, and by the age of 50, it decreases by an average of 1% per year, and by the age of 80, more […]

Kabul airport will be crowded to fly to Turkey

ISLAMABAD – A large group of women and children arrived at Kabul airport in Afghanistan after hearing that a special plane was taking them for volunteer work in earthquake-ravaged Turkey. A video of people scrambling to board a plane in the bitter cold without even wearing shoes is a direct testimony to current life in […]