Juan Fernando Quintero on the tightrope for the Colombian National Team

Juan Fernando Quintero He was one of those summoned by the Colombian National Team to earn a place in the next games to be played, however, the difficult situation he is going through due to an injury would leave him out of the field for a while. This Saturday, March 18, the soccer player was […]

Addressing China-Russia Relations Injecting More Stability into the World── Written on the Occasion of President Xi Jinping’s Upcoming State Visit to Russia_China Social Platforms Article

Photo: On March 16, the China-Europe Railway Express with auto parts, building materials, household appliances and other goods departed from Beijing Pinggu Mafang Station. This is the first China-Europe Railway Express from the Beijing area. It will leave the country via Manzhouli Railway Port and go directly to the capital of Russia.Moscow, the whole trip […]

“Finansia Securities” offers scholarships to the winners of the project “HERO Stock Learning @TNI Season 3”

Mrs. Nusara Runcharoen Executive Director Finansia Syrus Securities Public Company Limited a Professor Rangsan Lertnaisat’s assistant Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology Honored to co-chair the ceremony of awarding certificates and scholarships to the winners of the simulated stock trading competition in the “Hero Stock Learning @TNI Season 3” project […]

At home, O’Higgins lost 2-0 against Coquimbo Unido > El Rancagüino

On date 9 of the Chile – Betsson Championship 2023 tournament, Coquimbo U. was victorious on his visit to O’Higgins. The goals for the visitor were made by Fabián Carmona (37′ 2T) and Rubén Farfán (41′ 2T). A great play by Coquimbo U., 41 minutes into the second half, was the one that moved the […]

Eating red pepper makes you lose weight… is it real?

PepperㅣSource: Getty Image BankPepper is a versatile food. Green peppers are eaten raw, and red peppers are dried and powdered or soaked in the intestines. Peppers are not only widely used, but they are also rich in various nutrients, which are beneficial to health. It is particularly rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene, a precursor […]

Archondarica virtues. Brandy, liqueur and jam according to monastery recipes

In the holy abode, every guest feels loved and cherished Monasteries have special rooms for welcoming guests. These are luxuriously furnished and richly decorated salons, which are called archondarik – the word is of Greek origin and means an aristocrat, a noble person. Archondarik is also the name of the guest bedrooms. <!– –> Monks […]