Health care after cholecystectomy… Don’t miss ‘Diabetes’ |

As the number of young patients with cholelithiasis increases due to western eating habits and irrational diets, If you have had a cholecystectomy, you should be particularly alert to diabetesIt seems you should have Studies have shown that patients who have had a cholecystectomy have a higher risk of developing diabetes than those who have […]

[김성재 칼럼] SVB bankruptcy caused by Goldman Sachs complacency |

A sign for Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) hangs on a building in Frankfurt, Germany, on March 14. /EPA=Yonhap News The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), which recently went bankrupt, shows how fragile the global financial market situation is that even experts cannot imagine. More than anything else, SVB adds to the shock by facing […]

Counter-complaints about fights in batch-based programs at EB

In Islami University (EB) the incident of beating occurred on the initiative of the batch ‘Prajjalit-35’ of the academic year 2020-21 over the celebration of Avatarnika festival. Later, 2 students who were beaten up submitted a written complaint to the university administration with the proctor. Mushfiqur Rahman and Rana Ahmed Abhi, who were injured in […]

UBS is buying the 167-year-old Swiss bank

Another Swiss bank, UBS, has agreed to buy Switzerland’s struggling Credit Suisse bank. These two banks are rivals of each other. Swadeshi Bank extended its helping hand to the 167-year-old bank to overcome the ongoing financial crisis. According to a report by the US media CNN, the Swiss National Bank said in a statement that […]

King Salman’s invitation to the Iranian president for a visit

Tehran: Saudi King Salman has invited Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi to visit Saudi Arabia, which he accepted. A foreign news agency According to the report Iranian President’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Political Affairs, Mohammad Jamshidi, tweeted that Saudi Arabia has invited Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi to Riyadh. He said that the Saudi ruler wrote […]

Yonhap News TV

Your browser does not support the video tag.Sorry, but please use a different browser. close High concentration of fine dust today… Implement emergency mitigation measures in the metropolitan area Today (20th), fine dust emergency reduction measures will be issued between 6 am and 9 pm in Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi, and other metropolitan areas. When emergency […]