2030 going to Omakase, because of a cliff? The reason for the craze seen by the Japanese media

Money Today Reporter Lee Young-min | 2023.03.13 07:15

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Regarding the craze for ‘Omakase’ (letting the chef choose the menu) in Korea, Japanese media noted that it is “a symbol of youthful luxury.”

On the 12th, Japan’s Daily Shincho said in an article titled “Japanese ‘Omakase’ is popular in Korea”, “Omakase is a symbol of luxury for young Koreans.”

After visiting an omakase restaurant in Seoul, the reporter who wrote the article said, “20% of (customers) are in business relationships, and the remaining 80% are couples in their 20s and 30s,” adding, “I posted pictures and videos on social media. Even boasting to others is a set.”

Some argue that Korean omakase culture is a way for men to meet women.

The media said, “In Korea, there is a stereotype that a man must pay for food on a date.”

He said, “The background of the craze is the courage of Korean men and women.”

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