21 Savage donates a band in the case of immigration

A $ 100,000 bond was awarded to Rapper 21 Savage during a closed hearing in Atlanta on Tuesday and will be released from the keep of immigration Wednesday, according to his solicitor.

The rapper, whose true name was Mrs. Bin Abraham-Joseph, kept earlier earlier this month. The federal immigration officials say that it has been an EU citizen who overlooked his visa.

His determination of bonds towards increasing national attention related to his case – both in Congress and in Hollywood – and legally managed to avoid the exchange of federal government over immigration enforcement policy.

"He won his freedom," declared his attorney in a statement. "Savage asked us to send a special message to his fans and supporters – he says that while he was not present at the Grammy Awards, he was in spirit and he is grateful for the support from across the world and it's more than ever, ready to be with its people and continue to make music that brings together people. "

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The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Against 21 Savage Releases, according to Charles Kuck, one of the rapper attorneys. ICE spokeswoman refused to comment on the case. But he issued a statement in response to a group of supporters of the musician who showed outside the Immigration Court when the hearing occurred. They released their release and asked for ICE to end.

"U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement fully respects the Constitutional rights of everyone to communicate their views peacefully," said ICE spokesman Bryan Cox. "That said, ICE is committed to fulfilling its immigration enforcement mission in accordance with agency law and policy."

Justice of the Atlantic Immigration Judge J. Dan Pelletier heard Tuesday's hearing on the application of ICE and 21 Savage as the rapper is applying for a visa that lends victims of crime to remain legally in the US, according to Kuck, who refused to increase. Meanwhile, the vested case is still pending and can not be resolved for a couple of years, Kuck added, so he will seek to seek federal work permit in the meantime.

He looked at 21 Savage – held in the Irwin County Retention Center in South Georgia – hearing in Atlanta on a uniform orange detention center. His wife and mother also attended.

"The Pelletier Judge was gracious and, having heard both the evidence and the arguments from both sides, weighed the factors and decided that my clients did not have a flight risk or a danger to our community, as we were saying for nine days , "said Kuck.

The rapper spoke "powerful" because of his life in court, Kuck said.

"He was convincing. He presented himself as he is, a very young man," said Kuck. "This came to an extraordinary amount of dignity."

Outside the court building, a group of more than a dozen big pink rust exhibitors with "ICE said," announcing that there were a total of 450,000 signatories claiming 21 Savage liberation.

February 12, 2019 Atlanta – To stretch a path outside the Atlanta Immigration Court, Gaurd starts several boxes with more than 445,000 submission signatories requiring release of 21 Savage. Grammy named Rape's Immigration and Customs Enforcement took place on the morning of February 3, claiming that it is really from the UK and that the visa was overwhelmed. Ten organizations, including Color Of Change, gave more than 445,000 submission signatories requiring release of 21 Savage. RYON HORNE / RHORNE@AJC.COM

"It's totally unfair and human infringement. He has been living in this country since he was a young child," said Clarise McCants, director of a criminal justice campaign at Color of Change, a racial justice organization. "What's happening to She is currently happening to unmistakable people around the country."

In December, 21 was the album "I Am> I Was" album Savage than No. 1 on Billboard 200 chart. His first solo album, "Issa Album," hit No. 1 in July 2017.

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On Monday, the Tonight Exhibition Jimmy Fallon, rap producer, Metro Boomin, had a "Free 21 Savage" coat on stage as he made "Space Cadet" live with the other music artist, Gun. Also, issued Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Democratic California and chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship, a statement of 21 Savage retention, saying she was going closer to her case.

"Individuals under the ICE catch are often engaged in legal status, it is not well known," she said. "I hope, because of its status as a public figure, that we can spend more light on the policies and procedures of the Home Security Department and that she (21 Savage) can be a witness before our subcommittee to help highlight these issues. "

Over the weekend in Los Angeles, some artists referred to 21 Savage at the Grammy Awards and related music events.

Super-Atlanta-based Atlanta-based producer on the red carpet before Clive Davis's Pre-Irish, Saturday, said he believes that 21 Savage is casualties at "bad time".

"It's a shame that she was born up in something happening in America, a period. The movement that is happening in any way with Trump with the borders and walls and trying to create a point about immigration, it's just bad- love, "said Austin. "He's a good kid. He changed himself, he made himself a career; he tried to do something positive. If the time was not, I do not think it would be as high as it is . … It's just a bad situation. "

21 Savage was a small part of the Gramish Childish Gambino songwriter, "This is America," and co-writer and producer Ludwig Göransson said the rapper when he accepted the awards during the television.

"Savage should be here tonight," said Göransson.

Backstage, he said he did not know enough about 21 Savage's current situation to comment more, but believed that the raper should be allowed to attend the show.

Melissa Ruggieri's staff writer added this report.

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