21-year-old male from Fu On Garden, Ma On Shan fell from a rooftop and fell into a coma and died in hospital

A man fell off the building in Fu On Garden last night.Profile picture

[Report from Sing Tao Daily]A 21-year-old man from Ma On Shan fell into a coma on the rooftop of Fu On Garden last night and died in hospital.

The scene is No. 2 Hengxin Street. At 10:28 last night, the police received a report from a passer-by who alleged that the victim had fallen from a height and was lying on the opposite side of Block 5 of Fu On Garden.

Police officers arrived at the scene. The victim was unconscious and was sent to the Prince of Wales Hospital for treatment. He was later certified dead. After preliminary investigation, it is believed that he fell from the rooftop. The cause of death has yet to be determined after an autopsy.

24-hour helpline:

. Limin Club: 35122626

. Life Hotline: 23820000

. Caritas Xiangqing Hotline: 18288

. Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Zhi Ruo Yuen Hotline: 18281

. Social Welfare Department Hotline: 23432255

. The Hong Kong Samaritan Association for the Prevention of Suicide Hotline: 23892222

. Samaritan Hotline (multilingual): 28960000

. The Jockey Club Youth Emotional Health Online Support Platform “Open”:

. Hospital Authority Mental Health Hotline (24-hour mental health hotline consultation service): 24667350

Establishment time: 00:59

Update time: 09:42

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