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Original title: 2:10 INSIDE | 2:10 X Nostalgic Tianlong, behind the scenes of Mandor Villa concept CG production!

Nostalgic Tianlong CG’s tenth “Mantuo Villa” martial art concept has been launched on October 28, and the high-value original martial art is stunning, have you all seen it?

twenty withTianlong nostalgicCollaborate to complete the creation of this concept CG,Involved in the entire production process from pre-screening to post-production.

Tianlong nostalgicIt is hoped that this CG will show the characteristics of the Mando Villa and the skill performance of the characters.

In the short one-minute animation, with the priority of the piano rhythm, the character’s skills also exploded one by one. Although the story is simple, the production is not simple at all.

“The No. 1 Beauty in Jianghu” Wang Yuyan, who lived in seclusion by Lake Taihu for 12 years, finally amazed the world with the sound of a piano.Closing standard on creating characters,nice.

There are thousands of beautiful standards, and the 3D model wants to get rid of the stereotypical modeling face.facial featuresamakeupIt takes hard work.

The production process is still the traditional 3D model production process. According to the settings, the medium model is made, imported into Zbrush for high poly engraving, the low poly model gets it is refreshed, the UV is expanded, the texture and material are removed, and the rendering is adjusted.

The hard part is constantly adjusting and finding the right feel.I feel that this thing is very subtle, and subtle changes in the face will affect the general nature.

Eyebrows reflect temperament best,The shape of the eyebrows, the curvature of the eyes, the structure and color of the eye makeup, the scope of the use of shadows, etc.It took several versions of debugging to complete.

The first beauty is born beautiful,Make-up needs to be clear and natural, to create the feeling that no makeup is better than makeup. As a result, a group of big men watched the tutorials of beauty bloggers and learned how to make up, which became an interesting thing in the creative process.


Immortal temperament, need clothes to decorate

Immortal temperament is inseparable from a robe that flutters with immortal air.materialmainly yarn, mix and match different yarn materials, and then adjustMaterial effects such as self-illumination transparency, roughness, edge light, texture, etc.Make a light visual effect.

Render character model material

Mando Mountain Villa’s weapons areGuqin,In the animation, the shape and structure of the guqin are restored as much as possible. The material selection is mainly jade, and detailed carvings such as pearls and butterflies are added to show the preciousness of the qin and match the temperament. the people who play the qin.

Guqin model material rendering


Mantuo Villa, Camellia Sea

In Jin Yong’s writings, the Mantuo Villa of Mrs. Wang’s family in Gusu collected camellias from all over the world, and Wang Yuyan grew up in this sea of ​​camellias.

In the animation, Mantuo Villa’s camellia sea is restored,A variety of camellias are grown in the villa.There are natural clumps, potted landscaping, artificially cultivated flower beds, and a thousand-year-old camellia tree.

There are not only common varieties of red and white, but also various rare varieties, all of which have been compared one by one for reference to create a beautiful sea of ​​camellias.

Scene layout map

Mantuo Mountain Villa is a Huizhou-style water town building in the south of the Yangtze River.

In the scene, various pavilions, roof cornices, tile surfaces, etc. are all made with reference to Huizhou architecture. The tile surface is green on one side and cyan and gray on the other side. There are details of such are controlled.

Completed scene graph


The piano and the flowers dance together, and the beauty is in harmony

Sect and character skills are based on the combination of camellia elements and sound waves, linking the form of skills to the blooming period of camellias.

Combination attacks of multiple skills, superimposing camellia skills and piano music skills, displaying complex skills and coordination of light and shadow, offline rendering and adjustment are time-consuming and labor-intensive.Add preview before installationcontactImport models, keyframe actions and simple light and shadow effects into the engine, and perform previews to prioritize and clarify the effects of finished products to improve efficiency.

Pulling the strings will emit sound waves, camellia buds will bloom after being thrown, vines interact with the surrounding environment, etc.Actions such as playing the piano, turning the piano, and fighting are performed byhold an offerfinished,3D effects combined with AE effectsthe picture is rich and beautiful, to achieve stunning visual effects.

Animation special effect display

Use the qin to control the sound, use the sound to hurt the spirit; use the flower to drive away the poison, and use the poison to kill the body.

The rhythm is driven by the sound of the piano, the camellia is the main element, and the national aesthetic is the starting point. The characters, scenes and actions are all precise and exquisite, hoping to bring visual enjoyment to the audience.

Of course, the creation of CG still serves the game. Currently, Tianlong’s nostalgic New School Mando Villa has been launched. If you want to experience the sassy moment of dancing with the piano and flowers , you can download the game and unlock the new school.

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