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230,000 confirmed a day for’double mutant virus’ in India

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Turkey confirmed 60,000 people a day due to premature normalization

The number of confirmed cases of Corona 19 a day in India, which has turned to a sharp increase since last month, has hit the highest level for another day.

According to World Omometer, an international statistics site, the number of confirmed cases in India per day as of the 16th was 233,000, the highest ever. Based on the statistics of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India,
It reached 234,000. As a result, the cumulative death toll has reached 175,000 so far.

This explosion is presumed to be due to the widespread spread of the so-called’double mutant virus (B.1.617)’. The virus, which is a combination of both types of mutations, is known to be more contagious and characterized by suppressing antibody neutralization reactions. In particular, it is a condition that is suspected of having’immune evasion’ ability to evade the body’s immune response. The number of confirmed cases per day in India fell to the 9,000 level in mid-February, but has since rebounded and more than 100,000 confirmed cases per day are pouring out from the beginning of this month.

In Turkey, the spread of Corona 19 is also uncommon. According to World Omometer and others, there were 63,000 confirmed cases per day in Turkey during a day on the 16th. As a result, there were 4.15 million confirmed cases and 35,320 deaths.
In Turkey,’normalization measures’, which have been implemented since last month, are considered the cause of the spread. From the 1st of last month, Turkey switched school classes to face-to-face and allowed restaurants to open again. However, as of March 1, the number of confirmed cases per day increased from 9,800 to 15,000 on the 1st of this month and 4,800 on the 1st of this month. Since the 13th, the Turkish government has been tightening the reinforcement of quarantine measures again, such as switching school classes back to non-face-to-face.

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