23:23 signal contract EP.18 at the end!! Chakrit-Crempogau-Nakul sends a summary, reviewing the past through time

“23:23 The signal contract, end” Coming to the conclusion of the series that many people followed with solving the case over time. Yodchai (Chakrit Yamnam), Risa (Khemanit Crempog), Win (Nakul Chanon) They track down the villain and change the story of the past and present. How the end of the story will be watched in 23:23 EP.18 signal contract expires

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23:23 signal contract EP.18 at the end : Win (Nakul Chanon) Wake up again to find that current events have changed. He found that a mysterious envelope had been sent to him twenty years ago. cause him to start looking for Yodchai (Chakrit Yamnam) Again, how will the story be followed? 11:23 PM Contract signal every Friday – Saturday 8:00 PM Watch for free on all networks at TrueID.

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