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NHSO reveals there will be a nursing and midwifery clinic in 2023. Register as There are 241 “warm community nursing clinics”, with 2 nursing faculties. Acharatchakumari College of Nursing Royal Chulabhorn College and Mahidol University Participate in registration of primary health care services, gold patents Including 4 outpatient services, 7 health promotion services, increase access to services, convenient, close to home, no need to wait in long queues

May 28, 2023, the National Health Security Office (NHSO) said that Dr Chadet Thammathatcha-aree, Secretary General of the National Health Security Office (NHSO), said that the nursing and midwifery clinic has joined a service unit that receives specialist nursing and midwifery referrals. “Warm Community Nursing Clinic” in the National Health Security System or 30 baht gold card since 2020 to participate in service according to the policy “Innovative New Normal Health Service” (UC New Normal) takes care of people to access to primary care and health services to prevent disease with quality and standards as needed. More comprehensive and convenient both as an expansion of service units in the primary network Reduce waiting time for service and reduce congestion in the service unit

However, from the year 2020, the service was piloted in 6 nursing clinics, later in the year 2021, the pilot increased to 28 and in 2022, the service was expanded throughout the country. with a nursing clinic Apply to join 93 places and now in 2023, there are nursing and midwifery clinics across the country as “Warm Community Nursing Clinic”, a total of 241 locations.

Of these, there is a nursing clinic. which is a nursing institution participating in 2 schools: 1. Clinical Nursing and Midwifery Acharatchakumari College of Nursing Royal Chulabhorn College Open for service on July 1, 2021 2. Nursing and Midwifery Clinic Mahidol University Faculty of Nursing Opened for service on September 21, 2022, as well as being a practical training facility that integrates service delivery, information and health care management that connects communities in government agencies. Nursing students also learn the role of practitioners. Clinical Nursing Practitioner At the same time, it is a space for nursing teachers to apply their knowledge. Expertise to serve the people is to create a community of learning together. and with the cooperation of the Phra Boromrajchanok Foundation of the Ministry of Public Health Currently, there are nursing organizations that are interested in joining as a warm community nursing clinic to the NHSO. More are planned.

Dr Chadet said that about the services provided by the warm community nursing clinic. It is a primary health care service. Covers health promotion and disease prevention services, 7 items, including prenatal services in cases where the doctor finds that the pregnancy is not at risk; Contraceptive Pill Delivery Service condom service pregnancy test service Postnatal checkup service Iron and folic acid supplements (Ferrofolic combination tablets or equivalent) and physical or mental health risk factor assessment and screening services.

In addition, there are 4 outpatient services as follows:

1. Medicine services in accordance with the treatment plan of the regular service unit or the referral service unit

2.Basic nursing services include different types of wound dressing, including dry wounds, stitched wounds, open wounds, infected wounds, and large wounds. feeding tube insertion and urinary catheterization Including eye wiping, eye washing and nasal washing services

3. Health care services for patients at home Among the groups of patients who need services at home, 3 groups are patients who can be cured, such as pregnant women who are at risk. Postpartum women with complications Postpartum mothers promote breastfeeding. Visit no more than 4 times per person per year. Patients with chronic diseases who cannot control their symptoms, such as those with diabetes who cannot control their sugar. have trouble behaving Visit no more than 6 times per person per year. and a group of patients with chronic diseases and minor disability, namely those who have problems doing daily activities Rely on medical equipment, such as patients with feeding tubes or urinary catheters or peritoneal dialysis Visit no more than 8 times per person per year.

and 4. Preliminary medical examination

Dr Chadet further said that the warm community nursing clinic has received a continuous increase in the response from people to use the service during the last 3 years. According to the data in 2023, 51,677 people received the service 140,695 times and tendency to receive more services Because the warm community nursing clinic is located in the community. So, it’s another option close to home. close to the hearts of people in the convenient area to get a service There is no need to wait in long queues It also reduces travel costs NHSO is ready to support the operation of the warm community nursing clinic. To be a channel for people to access rights and services in the 30-baht gold card system to support the elderly society to care for patients with chronic diseases, stuck at home and stuck in bed, while also developing a care system the country’s basic back to constitution


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