25-year-old Siacan ‘Attack on Sisters’ “Ex-husband, need report of death of child due to miscarriage”

‘Attack on Sisters’

[이데일리 스타in 김가영 기자] A narrator sheds tears over her ex-husband, who commits unheard of atrocities, such as demanding a report on the death of a child, on a disturbing new counseling talk show, ‘Attack on Sisters – Trouble Cut Salon’.

The 25-year-old MZ beauty shaman storyteller joins ‘Attack’s Sisters’ (Co-produced by Media S and SK Broadband), which will air on the 31st. The storyteller, who has been walking the path of a shaman since his early 20s, asked his sisters for advice, saying, “How can I break the bad relationship?” The opponent of the bad relationship I wanted to quit was my ex-husband, and then the storyteller confessed his nasty life story.

Sayeonja’s ex-husband was a shaman whom she met when she was 19 years old. From the first meeting, the ex-husband took the narrator who stubbornly refused to go to a motel, saying that the owner came out better in a dark place, and encouraged him to run away using the owner as an excuse The storyteller who was rocked at a young age ended up with an unwanted pregnancy. The storyteller who wanted to remove the child promised to adopt her ex-husband after giving birth, but the ex-husband revealed the existence of the child as soon as the child was born, and the storyteller felt hopeless and eventually marriage began. 3MC could not hide his dismay at the plight of the storyteller who could not find her even if he tried to seek help.

The ex-husband and narrator, who lied about domestic violence and even had an affair, are eventually divorced after 3 years of marriage and live with their 6-year-old daughter , but their bad relationship is not over. The storyteller said, “A little while ago, my ex-husband called and asked me to report the child’s death because he did not want to pass on the inheritance.” Everyone who heard it was amazed. Park Mi-sun said, “How do you report the death of a child who is still alive?” It was absurd, and Jang Young-red and Kim Ho-young also sighed and lost their words.

There will be advice from Park Mi-seon, Jang Young-red, and Kim Ho-young for the narrator who complains about suffering through tears and numerous atrocities committed by bad relationships that cannot be broken even after divorce in will be revealed on ‘Attack Sisters’, which is broadcast at 8:20 on Tuesday the 31st.

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