26 decisions rendered by the 7th term in 100 days

The 7th term of the Constitutional Court, installed on June 6, 2023, completed three months of activities on September 16, 2023.

Upon its installation, the Constitutional Court began the examination of certain appeals which had been submitted during the previous mandate. The 7th term ruled, among other things, on the regularity of the designation of the members of the 7th term of the high court; the designation of deputies to sit in regional parliaments as well as in other national institutions.

The 7th term held its first status hearing one week after its members were sworn in and its first plenary hearing on June 22, 2023.

The Seven Wise Men held weekly discussion sessions in order to make consensual decisions. Outside of hearing days, one day is devoted to the discussion of substantive questions relating to the files entered in the role of the plenary of the high court.

The Constitutional Court has eighty-three cases pending as of the handover date of the seventh term.

Eighty-two new files were registered from June 6 to September 15, 2023.

The 7th term chaired by Prof. Dorothé Sossa rendered twenty-six decisions.

Regarding administrative activities, we note that the annual work plan for the year 2023 was adopted under the current mandate. The sixth term was unable to do so due to procedural changes and elections.

A review of the administrative management of the Constitutional Court was also undertaken. This review focused in particular on the routing of letters and appeals received at the Constitutional Court.

The five-year strategic plan of the high court including an action plan for the mandate is currently being developed.

The president of the high court received in audience the Resident Representative of the World Bank, the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the Republic of Benin, the Ambassador of Canada to the Republic of Benin, the Ambassador of Benin to the Republic of Niger, the Ambassador of Benin to the French Republic, the President of the National Institute for Women and the Director General of the Training School for Judicial Professions.

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September 28, 2023 by Ignace B. Fanou, Marc Mensah