The National Police Agency revealed at the House of Councilors Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on the 19th that there were about 2,600 parking violations of vehicles used by diplomats stationed in Japan in the year 2019. About 75% of them have not paid the offense due to diplomatic immunity. Mr. Shinkun Haku of the Constitutional Democratic Party who asked the question called for the disclosure of the malicious country and the return of the license plate as “a big problem”.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as of 18th of this month, 1982 diplomats have issued numbers to their vehicles. It is calculated that parking violations are made at least once a year per vehicle. Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said, “I regret it. I would like to take appropriate measures to ensure thorough respect for traffic rules.”

The National Police Agency explained that there were 3948 parking violations in 2018. Atsushi Kaifu, Chief of Protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, explained that he is urging diplomatic corps in each country to comply with laws and regulations and pay violations. “In 2019, the number of violations decreased by about 30% from the previous year. did.

Diplomats have the privilege of not being arrested under the “Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations,” and it is difficult to forcibly collect violations. (Joint)