27-inch smart monitor, Likemi Smart V27 Triple Black released

Digital home appliance group Rikemi is launching the ‘Likemi Smart V27 Triple Black’ monitor and holding a special event together.

This new product is a 27-inch wide viewing angle smart monitor with an attractive triple black design.

The Raikmi Smart V27 Triple Black is a full HD resolution monitor. Equipped with a VA wide viewing angle panel, it is clear from any angle, and supports 100% sRGB to express excellent picture quality in harmony with the deep colors unique to VA panels.

The response time is 5 ms, and the refresh rate is 75 Hz. It supports smoother screen expression and seamless playback than general 60Hz monitors.

The biggest advantage is that it is a smart monitor. Google Assistant and the App Market can be used, increasing the value of the monitor. Of course, you can also use various OTT services such as Netflix and YouTube.

In particular, when combined with the Raikmi mobile stand moving stand, it can be used as a neat and luxurious standing monitor unique to black, providing internal effects as well as functionality that can be used outside the PC.

To commemorate the launch, the Likeme Smart V27 Triple Black is being sold at a special price of 199,000 won, limited to 50 units. For more information, visit the official Smart Shop.