27 minutes of added time… ‘Bed football’ doesn’t work!

Reflect match stoppage time in detail

England-Iran, many treatments and goals
’14 minutes in the first half’, a new record in 56 years
Defer tactical strike… increase in stamina

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▲ Pierluigi Collina, FIFA Referee Chairman
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Gamers who wake up late increase their playing time. In the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, held in the Middle East, the home of ‘bed football’, extra time is greatly increased, and bed football has been blocked at the source.

In the match between England and Iran held at the Khalifa International Stadium in Doha, Qatar on the 21st, the extra time reached 27 minutes and 16 seconds. After 45 minutes in the first half 14 minutes and 8 seconds were added, and after 45 minutes in the second half 13 minutes and 8 seconds were added. In the first half, the time spent on treating the injury of the Iranian goalkeeper was reflected, and in the second half, the situation where many goals were scored was reflected. The time of 14 minutes and 8 seconds is also the longest time recorded at the World Cup since England in 1966.

Although the match between England and Iran was particularly long, the situation was similar in other matches. In the match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia held at the Lusail Stadium on the 22nd, 13 minutes were added in the second half. The referee who gave the 8 minutes extended it by 5 minutes, reflecting the player’s first aid time.

The International Football Federation (FIFA) has declared that extra time will be strictly applied in this tournament. In an interview with foreign media, FIFA referee chairman Pierluigi Collina said, “If you score 3 goals in the first half, a total of 4 to 5 minutes will be lost because of the ceremony and the restart. What we what we want is to correctly calculate the extra time. It was successful in Russia and I expect the same in Qatar.” The British Daily Mail said, “FIFA wants to crack down on time-wasting and has promised to add time precisely when games are stopped due to VAR, injury treatment, substitutions, penalties and red cards.” It will lead to games lasting over 100 minutes.”

According to FIFA policy, bed football, which intensified the fans of the losing team, is expected to disappear into history. Bed football was often used as a means of winning when Middle Eastern teams were winning. Having been beaten by Middle Eastern teams several times, Korean fans also take the formula, ‘Middle Eastern football = bed football’ for granted. However, if one practiced bed football, the game time increased that much, and the effect almost disappeared.

As the game time increased to the level of overtime play, the physical problems of the players also emerged as an important variable in the game. Like Argentina, who shot on goal until the whistle blew, and Saudi Arabia, who tried to stop it, football fans can now watch the players do their best until the end.

Reporter Ryu Jae-min

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