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2700-year-old winery found in Iraq | 2700 Year Old Wine Press

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Baghdad: Archaeologists in Iraq have unearthed a 2,700-year-old wine factory. These are the remnants of a large wine factory built to produce wine commercially during the time of the Assyrian kings. They were found near Dohuk, Iraq.

All 14 items were found here, including pressers used to squeeze grapes and extract juice for winemaking. It is reported that this is the first wine factory to be found in Iraq.

In addition to the wine factory, the team has found a number of precious stone sculptures of the royal family that are believed to be from prehistoric times. The rock carvings depict kings praying to the gods. They were found in the Fayda region of northern Iraq.

Researchers at the Doha Archaeological Survey said the carvings were on the walls of an irrigation canal about nine kilometers away. The stone sculptures in 12 panels were found here. They are five meters wide and two meters high. The sculptures contain images of Assyrian gods, kings, and beasts. Researchers believe that these dates back to the reigns of King Sargon II and his son Zonharib.

The king received stone carvings praying to the Assyrian gods. Italian archaeologist Daniel Morandi Bonakosi said the monument was much larger than it had been found in many places in Iraq, including Kurdistan.

The canal where the sculpture was found was built during the time of the Assyrian kings to supply water to farmers’ farms. The sculptures found here show not only religious matters but also the political views of the king. Morandi Bonakosi said the sculptures were made at the behest of the king, who will always be remembered by the people for ordering the construction of such a large canal to receive water.

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