29 September World Heart Day : Let’s check your heart…Is there a risk of disease?

29 September World Heart Day is another day that makes us all realize how to take care of our own hearts. Today is an important day. TrueID has good knowledge about the history of World Heart Day. Including wanting to invite everyone to check their hearts a bit to see if there are symptoms like this or not?

History of World Heart Day

Facebook page Siriraj Health Promotion has indicated that such an important day World Heart Day was first organized in 2000 by the World Heart Federation, a collaboration of two organizations, the International Society of Cardiology (ISC) and the International Cardiology Federation. Established World Heart Day It aims to make today an important international day that reminds people around the world of the dangers of cardiovascular disease. It is the leading cause of death and a disease that kills people around the world. During the first ten years of the establishment of World Heart Day

Therefore, the World Heart Federation has set every last Sunday in September. is world heart day Until 2011, there was a resolution to change the World Heart Day again. By designating September 29 of every year as World Heart Day. Continuing to the present

heart disease in Thai people

Information from the Department of Mental Health website has identified 432,943 numbers, which is the number of Thai people suffering from cardiovascular disease From the latest statistics of the Ministry of Public Health disclosed as of September 16, 2018 by the number of There is a mortality rate of 20,855 people per year or 2 people per hour. According to the Ministry of Public Health, the mortality rate from coronary heart disease per 100,000 people in 2012-2016 was 23.4, 26.9, 27.8, 29.9 and 32.3. The continuing increase in mortality every year shows a marked increase in cardiovascular disease severity.

The numbers reflect that “heart disease” is not far away. But it’s something that everyone has to focus on by changing lifestyle habits. This is the first and most basic method that should be done. both food choices being in the environment All of these factors affect the risk factors for cardiovascular disease. But before going to deal with the risks Let’s check the heart a little if there are symptoms like this or not. will be able to cope in time

Let’s check our hearts! Having these symptoms may be at risk of developing the disease.

The page of the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital has made a method to observe the 5 warning signs of heart disease. What are they? Let’s check together. According to the information, if you have these symptoms often, you should see your doctor for further treatment.

  1. angina
  2. easily tired, short of breath
  3. swollen legs or feet
  4. heart palpitations
  5. blackout

If my heart is broken because of being dumped, what should I do?

As for the symptoms being poured by other people, it breaks the heart. feel like doing nothing It is recommended to turn to treat your heart by finding new activities to do, such as exercising to avoid introversion. Change the sadness to add fun with full-flavoured entertainment. The famous series Or will you read the synopsis of the movie, or will cheer for a fun football match? Come on at TrueID to rest your heart with fun.

refer : Department of Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital


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