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[2il rownd Cwpan yr Ymerawdwr 98]Announcing losing teams

September 21, 2022

The Japan Basketball Association (JBA) will host the 98th Emperor’s Cup All-Japan Basketball Tournament (sponsored by the Japan Basketball Association / jointly sponsored by Kyodo News and affiliated newspapers) will host the second round (men: 4th to 6th round) .

Today, we would like to inform you that the teams that will be absent from the second round due to poor physical conditions have been decided as follows.

Losing teams: Dice Tachikawa (B3 League)

■Reason and history of absence:
Due to the poor physical condition of the team, we will discuss with JBA and the team representative and cancel the hosting of the target match in accordance with the guidelines set out in this tournament.

■ Dealing with tournament management due to absence:
(1) The team’s tournament participation record will be recorded as “participation”.
(2) The result of the tournament will be “withdrawal (lose in the 4th round)”.
(3) The match record for the 4th round (against Tokai University) will be a sub-loss for the team in question, and a 0-20 loss in accordance with the regulations.
(4) The competition schedule/game start schedule will not be changed, and the courts to be played during the scheduled time for the team in question will be “no games”.

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