2nd grader infected with coronavirus dies Parents revealed that they couldn’t send themselves to Siriraj in time. everything happened very fast

2nd grader infected with coronavirus dies Parents revealed that the younger sister is allergic, so they didn’t dare to give vaccination. The test took 2 days, the symptoms were severe, but she was sent to Siriraj in time.

(20 July 65) Facebook users Sunt Srianthumrong of Dr. San Srianthamrong, Special Lecturer, Faculty of Environmental Development Administration University of Development Administration (NIDA) has posted a message stating that

Covid-19: Warning Omicron BA.5 Wave #6 Parents of young children, don’t be careless. Yesterday, I had a little po. 2 school. One of the demonstrations died from Covid. I would like to express my condolences to your parents very much.

*********Edit more details and correct inaccurate information. 20 Jul 2022 8:25 p.m. I got more information that “My sister is allergic. So parents don’t dare to give vaccinations. The hospital helps each other fully. On Sunday, 2 lines were detected, went to a private hospital, assessed and went to the ICU for 80,000 a day, so I was sent to a government hospital in the metropolitan area, which was probably too much. So I sent him to Siriraj, but in time, everything happened very quickly.” Sorry for the discrepancy. and if there is more new information It will be notified here on a regular basis. The original text was wrong. “You don’t have any underlying disease. But have never received the vaccine. Stay in the hospital for 9 days. The lungs are full of melasma. And then she passed away before she was sent to Siriraj Hospital.”

Covid is everywhere now, almost every house in Bangkok and then floating in the air because of the policy to take off the mask. Who survived so well? Stay up to the final 30%. Let’s fight to the fullest. The brutality of BA.5:

1. BA.5 is very easy to apply and the more you take off the mask In the house, it can float from outside to get stuck. been to many houses

2. BA.5 has an R0 18.6 equivalent to measles that was the earliest in the disease.

3. BA.5 and how easy it is to learn to install is in outdoor conditions. You can get infected. This measles can sometimes spread the infection to 100 meters. BA.5 This is not certain, but 20 meters outdoors, it can definitely be infected.

Thailand numbers now:

1. The number of infected people per day It is very difficult to evaluate because The published data for RT-PCR, ATK, and fatalities has a very irregular and conflicting pattern.

2. But if you want to “guess”, ask permission to use this word. Probably around 60,000 -120,000 people per day

3. Numbers have been on a plateau for 3 weeks now, they have not been up or down. From now on, at the national level, the numbers are likely to be both up and down. It depends on how the past vacation was spent.

4. But the big cities in the Northeast All legs up I can accept it.

5. The number of deaths reported in the last three to four days is much lower than it really is. Conflict with the number of critically ill patients and hospitalization. When will it end?

How to survive:

1. The main trend is still the same. Mid-Aug.-Sept. should be close to Herd Immunity if it comes to this big wave. The total number of infected people should have reached 50 million at that time. And then it’s going to really go downhill.

2. Old people, high-risk groups, small children, stay away for another 1-2 months, and if you can avoid them, don’t stay on the flat floor, focusing on the 2nd floor or more. Who lives in a high condo? will be much safer The whole city is now flat. It’s not safe anymore Another way is to go out into the countryside.

3. Remember that outdoors, take off the mask, keep a distance of 20 meters in a row.

the last curve Please help support the young and old. People at risk Let’s help support the public health system, our doctors, nurses and hospitals to survive together. If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, go ahead, it will really help you a lot. Even if this round can survive in the 30%, but the covids will be with us forever. in the molecules of air that we breathe And one day we’ll all be addicted to it anyway. There is no escape.

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