2nd Infantry Division Commander-in-Chief reveals ‘crazy police inspectors’ caused the shooting Mental health checks do not meet the criteria.

cause “Crazy Police Inspector” shoots Sai Mai Police officers spent more than 28 hours in the siege of negotiations until last noon. After firing 30 shots “Inspector Kan” He jumped through the shutters and fell from the 2nd floor down to the 1st floor.Arintharat Unit 26 was able to take control Before being taken to Bhumibol Hospital to treat injuries

On March 15, 2023, Maj. “Inspector Kan” that the doctor makes a diagnosis The details of the injury are still unknown. Unable to testify at this time. tired body because I didn’t sleep and didn’t eat for 2 days

In addition, coordinate forensic officers Collect evidence at the assembly location in the case Especially shelling about 60 rounds and check the damage conditions nearby. The firearm used in the crime Initially, it was found that at least 1 revolver was used, subject to an examination of whether other types of guns were used to cause the crime.

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Regarding the issue of whether Inspector Kan caused gunfire and shouting for hours It may be due to accumulated stress from personal problems. health problems and work problems because mental health was previously examined to adjust the job position and not meeting the criteria

For this reason, the agency has coordinated with doctors, hospitals, the police. traveling home to take him for treatment As a result, Inspector Kan was dissatisfied and stressed. until such events

if the doctor treats “Inspector Kan” Out of danger being summoned for questioning in order to consider a criminal case because the accused used a gun and many parts of property within the community and government property were damaged


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