2nd “Thailand Open Master Games” – Summary of the 8th competition

Senior sports competition “Thailand Open Master Games” 2nd time in Songkhla hosted on January 15, 2022 is a competition on the 8th day of “Bao Khai Omelette” Ekaphon Sukthong, world champion in 2019, won the Athletic Physic Championship. Kchai, aged 35-49 years old, went to dominate in bodybuilding, senior sports, “Thailand Open Master Games”, while her mother, Paritphon Saengmaneekulwat, 60, a native of Phatthalung received an outstanding female award.

bodybuilding Win 9 gold on the 3rd floor, Central Festival Hatyai.

Athletic Physics, men, aged 35-49 years, “Bao Khai Omeat” Ekaphon Sukthong, world champion 2019, won the championship, 2nd place, Phairat Panaosri, 3rd Suwat Chandra

“Bao Khai Omelette” Ekaphon Sukthong opened his mind, “Since I am a Southerner, When I come to compete here, I feel at ease and comfortable. like racing at home The previous time, the “Thailand Master Game” came in second place, this time the champion was very happy. After this, I will prepare to compete in the SEA Games in Vietnam. I will do my best.”

Athletic Physics, male under 35 years old, height not over 170 cm., 1st Sippakorn Sarnaksorn, 2nd Chaiyawut Suebsak, 3rd Thosaporn Sriklam

Athletic Physics, men under 35 years old, height over 170 cm, 1st Thanawut Chaichana, 2nd Uruphong Wongareerat, 3rd Wanthikorn Chomklin

Athletic Physics, male, age 50 years old, 1st, Sudchai Ploypradab, 2nd Chairman, Kongnaewdee, 3rd Prawit Phothong

Female physics model under 35 years old, 1st Yupaporn Sueksa, 2nd Sinet Kimleng, 3rd Suwimol Phanchana, in this model, there is a foreign athlete Natasha Louise Mann from Scotland, a student of “Bao Khai Omelette. “Ekaphon Sukthong is 4th

Female physical model, aged 35-49 years, 1st place, Boonluek Sanguanlikitkul, 2nd place, Kanokwan Khoravish, 3rd Wilasinee Kositchaiwat

Female physical model, age 50 and up, 1st, Jittawadee, Jasushiwinnimit, 2nd Chananthida Lu, 3rd Panuchnat Khawan

Athletic Physics Female under 45 years 1 Kanokwan Krovis 2 Boonluek Sanguanlikhitkul 3 Yupaporn Suay

Athletic Physics, female, aged 45 years and over, 1st Panuchanat Khavan, 2nd Chananthida Lu, 3rd Jittawadee Jasushiwinnimit

As for the outstanding female award, Paritaporn Saengmaneekulwat, 60, mother “Bao Khai Omelette” Ekaphon Sukthong from Phatthalung

Sepak Takraw Win 3 gold, face-to-face competition At Chiranakorn Stadium, Hat Yai, Songkhla Province, single team category, 40-45 years old, champion belongs to the Royal Thai Police, 46-50 years old, Hat Yai Ban Remote A, 51 years old and older, Tiger Island A, best athlete, 51 years old and above, namely Amnuay Areesuk (Koh Suea A), age 46 – 50, Chalongrat Thep Nuan (Hat Yai Ban Remote A)

Mr. Thanawat Prasongcharoen, secretary-general of the Takraw Association of Thailand, revealed that for the elderly takraw will focus on playing for fun and strengthening the body rather than excellence. Sad to compete in the time of COVID-19 making foreigners unable to compete such as the team from Malaysia

dancing Win 26 gold at Hat Yai Municipal Auditorium, Songkhla Province, Latin American type, age 65 years and over. Wirot Petcharat – Sunanta Tankee from Trang won 2 gold from Class E (Cha Cha Cha), Class D (C & R). As for Wirat Wanit Upatham -Sujira Polpong from Songkhla, got 2 gold from the single dance Cha Cha Cha. and the single Dance Rumba

Standard Master category, age model 35-44 years, Class B, compete in 4 strokes, consisting of Waltz, Tango, Slow Foxtrot and Quick Step. It appears that it is a pair of Manit Permpasuk and Kanokluck Jeerawong. Sujathorn from Bangkok that shows the style of taking steps into the eyes of the judges win the gold medal

In the show, Standard Master, 70 years old and older, dance to the tango rhythm. The gold medal belonged to Net Lekkanai and Wiparat Laotrakulngam from Bangkok.

Ending at the Standard Master program, age 55-64, competing in tango, the champion belonged to Surachai Krishnapiyawan and Pranom Tantikan from Nakhon Ratchasima.

badminton Win 10 gold at the badminton court, 3rd floor, Sports and Recreation Building, Songkhla University. The highlight pair is the men’s doubles, age 40 and over, B semifinals.

“A” Supachai Sriwichit, famous celebrity manager, 48 years old, competed for the first year, paired with “Aom” Ittikorn Panya-ngam, deaf world champion athlete, double sales from Phi A’s team, lost to Kajonsak Na Songkhla – Makha Wan Sermdamrongsak from TP 12 badminton team 12-21, 16-21 won a bronze medal.

stand up paddle board At Samila Beach is a demonstration sport. Originally competing at Chalathat Beach area but with strong wind conditions during this period causing the management of the competition to move to compete at Samila Beach instead

The highlight was in the technical race, a distance of 5 kilometers, where the best timer was Sakda Vanyalay, a local rower. Thai national team degree who competed in the 40-44 year old male with a time of 45.05 minutes to win the championship

As for the age of 35-39 years old, the champion belongs to Anon Nakprasit with a time of 48.39 minutes.

while in the age 45-49 year old female, which has “Pat” Puttaraks Nikri, a former Thai national rowboat athlete. also participated in this competition and was able to win the gold medal with a time of 57.55 minutes

“Pat” Puttaraksa Nigri opened her mind that she could play this sport for a year after farewell to the rowboat national team. Willing to keep racing I like this sport because it strengthens the leg muscles. Concentrate because it is focused on paddle boarding.

The oldest athlete is Khun Ta Boonchai Chantrabun, the host of Songkhla at the age of 73, who won the 200m Technical Sprint Championship, age 60 and over, men.

Khun Ta Bunchai said that in the past he was a cyclist. But now I want to play a challenging sport, so I started learning to paddle board. which when I come to play, I feel like and would like to continually develop myself and very happy to participate in this competition

Chanin Ayrak, president of the Surfing Association of Thailand revealed that for this sport is a new sport. But people are very interested in playing. Especially triathlon athletes, bicycles, allowing them to experience the novelty of sports that are as fun as other sports and make them healthy.


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