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2023.3.16[gourmet stadiwm]

We will tell about stadium gourmet information from Meiji Yasuda Mutual Life J1 Division 5 Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo match on Saturday, March 18.

Player collaboration menu ◆2023 is now on sale!
This year, 22 player collaboration menu items will be sold in all 25 shops on the 3rd floor concourse. Let’s go around eating limited gourmet food that can only be eaten at Panasta!

One original player card (not for sale) will be submitted for each player collaboration menu product.
There are two types of original player cards*.
* The design of the original player card is random, so you cannot choose the design.

At the same time as the sale starts, the SNS campaign will also start!

◆ If you eat the player cooperation menu and post it on SNS, you will receive a hand-drawn colored paper by lottery! !

We will draw a lottery from those who post photos of the 2023 player collaboration menu on Twitter or Instagram and present an autographed colored paper with a comment from the player.

Posting on Twitter is so easy! When you read the QR code on the original player card, the posting page with “# Stagle # Gamba Osaka” will open automatically. Tweet your favorite player collaboration menu!

【How to participate】
Follow the official Gamba Osaka Twitter or official Instagram.
Post a photo of the 2023 player collaboration menu on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags “#Stagle” and “#Gamba Osaka”. (Stories not included)

【Application period】
From 3/18 (Sat) to 3/31 (Fri) 23:59
*The winner’s announcement will be returned when the prize is dispatched.

[Rhestr cynnyrch dewislen cydweithredu chwaraewr](in order of Aiueo player’s name)
Issam Jebari: Okonomiyaki with soba squid (¥1050)[Okonomiyaki AT THE 21]

Usami: Mugi-toro beef tongue bowl (1500 yen)[Sendai Tanya Toshihisa]

Kwon Gyeongwon: Shrimp Yakisoba with Gochujang (¥850)[Naniwa Teppanyaki Monzaemon]

Kurata: Pork Stroganoff (1,300 yen)[Franc Elegan]★Limited quantity: 60 portions
Kurokawa: Takoyaki with rich butter and soy sauce (900 yen)[Takoya Dotonbori Kukuru M][Takoya Dotonbori Kukuru B][Takoya Dotonbori Kukuru A]

Kurokawa: Green pepper meat rice bowl (950 yen)[Tamura cig wedi’i grilio â siarcol]★Limited quantity: 60 portions
Suzuki: Let’s all eat nachos ~ Lots of sauce ~ (700 yen)[G Fryer Bar]

Takao: Fried chicken with green onions and salt (1200 yen)[Caraage a chyrri]

Tani: Gapao rice with cheese (900 yen)[Kuntape]

Dawang: Addictive skirt steak and short rib garlic bowl (1500 yen)[Yakiniku Den]

Nakamura: Mexican grilled cheeseburger (1000 yen)[World Guru Metacos El Nopal]

Handa: Cassis soda (500 yen)[PROST!]

Handa: Cassis orange soda (500 yen)[PROST!D]

Handa: Takatsuki Pineapple Bacon Cheeseburger (1,200 yen)[T’s Star Diner (Takatsuki Burger)]★Limited number: 63 portions
Higashiguchi: Tsukune Mentai Mayo Skewer (600 yen)[Keibou]

Juan Arano: Pork tomato stew rice (1000 yen)[Texas BBQ & Steak Re DINER]

Fujiharu: Mixed soba gyoza (1000 yen)[Storfa arbenigol gyoza cawl cig]

Miura: Teritama Burg Oniguru (700 yen)[BISTRO OSAKA M]

Shokuno: Mentai Cream Udon (900 yen)[Cig Udon Morito Shoten]

Yamami: Mixed berry juice (550 yen)[BISTRO GAMBAR]

Yuki Yamamoto: split banana crepe (¥850)[hufen iâ Dippin’ Dots]

Yuki Yamamoto: Yangnyeom Chicken Dog (¥700)[G SEFYLLFA CŴN]

Rihito Yamamoto: Millefeuille pork cutlet muffin sandwich (980 yen)[bwyd gorllewinol YOKOO]

For more details, see the special player collaboration menu page on the stadium gourmet page.

See the stadium gourmet page for detailed store locations.


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