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Migraines are a type of chronic headache disorder. which usually has a headache on one side first then pain on both sides Migraine headache is a common disease. And migraine headaches can be categorized. Two main types are Asymptomatic migraine and asymptomatic migraine are characterized by migraine pain usually characterized by throbbing pain characterized by moderate to severe pain. While the pain is often accompanied by nausea, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity and vomiting, along with migraine pain. It can happen from 1-2 hours or more. which affects everyday life and in some cases migraines can occur In addition to headaches, such as abdominal migraines, where the patient will have pain in the abdomen, spinning. But stomach migraines are more likely to occur in children than in adults. or migraine in the eye with temporary loss of vision Where a migraine occurs after a migraine headache, for example.

Today the way BTX Migraine Centre would recommend pain relief head primary migraine 3 way

There are many ways to cure migraine headaches, starting with avoiding migraine triggers and using different methods to relieve migraine headaches. For the currently popular methods are as follows.

1. cold compresses to treat migraines By using refrigerated gel bags placed on the forehead and eye sockets, the cold will help constrict blood vessels and relieve pain well.

2. Reflexology This method is a popular method. And there is research abroad that can help relieve migraine pain too. There are 3 points for relaxing migraine symptoms: hands, feet and occiput.

3.Consult your doctor or specialist for migraine screening.

for Migraine is a difficult disease to diagnose, requiring a neurology specialist to examine and diagnose migraine. Initially, it can be diagnosed from history taking. as well as diagnosis through medical technology such as MRI or CT Scan.

1. Take preventive migraine medication. or migraine medication to reduce acute pain

2. Pain medication injections

3. Botox injections to treat migraines which injection methodMigraine BotoxIt is suitable for people who have chronic migraine pain or who take migraine medication and the migraine pain does not improve. This method of treatment must be handled by a systemic physician. Nerve and brain directly

For those who have pain The head and do not know if it is a symptom of a migraine or not You can ask a neurological and brain specialist BTX Migraine Centre

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